“Something beautiful happened in England last night”, wrote Dan Wootton in the Daily Mail, the day after England’s victory over Denmark.

“It marked the moment the people took back control over the bed-wetting scientists and politicians who have become drunk on trying to restrict the beauty of living a normal life”.

Wootton was referring to the nation-wide euphoria of dancing in the streets, hugging and kissing strangers etc. Sure there will be a surge in covid cases but, having nearly vaccinated everyone, so what?

It’s a spirit unique to the English which I’ve always loved and admired and so utterly contrary to the fear driven appetite for being controlled by so many New Zealanders.

But not all. We’ve always suffered the loss of our best and brightest who seek out life in countries run by grown-ups. I’m picking a massive exodus in the immediate years ahead by freedom lovers, tired of nanny-statism and blatant “front of the vaccination queue” lying.


and followed up by blatant thuggery , bigotry and general infantile behaviour when they lost to Italy

If I was in my prime working years and the clown circus got another chance to root NZ completeIy, I/we would be off like a shot.

They also have grown up journalists instead of our supine government groupies acting as sychophantic cheer leaders.

The Brits have run the risk of leaving the comfort of the EU …. bravery …. but wise to forge their own future , rather than be controlled by unelectected Eurocrats in Brussels …. a salient lesson to us , the team of 5 million within the Hermit Kingdom … not to cave into the fear mongering of Jacinda , Ashley & Hipkins …. be brave , or be beaten down …

Agreed. Upon my infrequent return visits to NZ, I find the language of the various media leaves me despondent. It seems to be devolving to the type of “slogan speak” used in the Stalin and Mao era, albeit in a less hectoring way. (Keep Safe, Team of 5 million type BS)
In particular the growing gap between “correct” speech and behaviour vs actual beliefs is becoming a mirror of the far left instinct to control the proles.
The English have a particular dislike of this kind of political cant & have always embraced the individual in a way that no other nation has.
Good for them. Long may they admire the one and not the crowd.

    Roys the name, truths the game July 14, 2021 at 5:31 pm

    You forgot that other nauseating slogan. We are all in this together.
    Was reminded when entering MIQ again(last time October).
    In one of the plethora of pieces of paper signed by some Brigadier.

    God but the process from deplaning to arriving at the MIQ is deplorable.
    Worse than October.

    Having experienced the deplaning to MIQ in Cambodia. Yep, third world country.
    New Zealand is pathetic.

    Note: Its my systems brain screaming in agony after being in the systems and processing (and hospitality) business for over 40 years.

The delay in the vaccines is one of the few good things done by this Labour government. Its allowed us to see the risks of injury overseas.

I do wonder how long the tax havens the british set up will last; its their last hope for a nation that has grown too fat for their own good.

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