I took a $10,000 bet (free money) yesterday that National will win the next election, I betting they will. And as the Nats know, I’m no supporter and haven’t voted for them since 1981.

Next week I will outline why this will happen.

From my point of view I’m almost anarchial, preferring no government but as a long time political observer and occasional participant, the historic political patterns are clear.

So wait until then for me to outline my thesis.


i Hope this come true Sir Bob

Interesting. I am sure they would romp home with the right leader, but that’s not Judith.

Since Labour’s overpaid and obstructive bureaucracies have made home ownership impossible for its former working class and youthful supporters National should be as successful at winning their votes as Boris has been in the UK.

God I hope your right Sir Bob…..but don’t however underestimate the power of a toothy grin mixed with major sprinklings of fairy dust along with the repetitive “I saved you all” for the entire time in the lead up to the election……

Sir Bob – think they’ll need Act to get at least 15% of votes which let’s hope that happens. The first time I voted was 1984. I was part of the 12% that backed NZ Party.

Surely this would be the easiest govt to discredit in a century!! The opposition wouldn’t have to dig very deep for all the ammo they need, its forked out to us on a daily basis. If only our unbiased media would do their jobs & scrutinize Labours every move like they did with previous govts, ops forgot, Toothy Fairy has bribed them off. Oh & don’t forget the “most transparent & open govt ever” Yeah Right. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

I’m hoping for a snowball effect of bad policies and incompetence to scupper this socialist government in 2023. Voters will hopefully be sick and tired of the covid and experimental “vaccine” mania, stealing water assets from local councils and gifting them to incompetent McComrade bureaucrats and indigenous groups, bans and taxes on anything that moves, insane house price inflation and rental shortages, cycle paths to nowhere instead of overdue infrastructure to ease road congestion and gridlock. To achieve this, however, National and ACT need to position themselves as a viable “government in waiting”. No easy task given the present dismal state of the National Party in particular.

It depends on how the economy goes If there’s a recession, labour will be gone as national is seen as a safer bet with repairing the economy
It must be remembered that labour bought the mainstream media in this country with 55 million of tax payers cash , and in effect control the TV stations This is the most frightening and unethical approach labour has taken, since they won the last election It gives them incredible power,as media control gave Nazi Germany , Stalin and and chairman mao
The media now play down and smooth over carefully , the Maori separatist agenda,the extreme environmental agenda, the hate speech agenda and the appalling vaccine rollout fiasco
So unless the economy crashes and people start losing their jobs and homes, there won’t be a change in government

    God, I wish I didn’t agree, but I do, you’re on the money. If only the majority would have a cursory glance at history.

    I hope to god, moves such as giving 2.75 mil to the mob is enough to deter voters, but I’m not holding my breath.

    I’m eyeing up Australia.

    We are living in very different times to even 3 years ago. Worldwide, totalitarianism is on a seemingly unstoppable March. Cindy co-wrote the plan (ref International Socialist Youth). This abhorrant govt are forcing through laws and making massive changes to fundamental rights such as free speech, which will make it impossible for NZers with their eyes open, to kick them out by democratic means.
    BTW the news this morning that France’s Macron (close buddy of Cindy) has made wuflu vaccines COMPULSORY for all citizens there should cause huge concern. This, I believe, has always been the endgame for the so-called pandemic – we will all eventually have to carry covid passports everywhere we go. Why else the massive propaganda campaign promoting the wuflu (through fear) and now, getting vaccinated? Farewell freedom.

A similar trend occurred under Nana Helen Clarke but it took the constituents 9 years to catch on and take a severe dislike to socialism; gracefully it has only taken ~5 years to the population to catch on with this mob – once bitten twice shy. (I did not vote Labour or National in the last election)

I hope you are correct.
In my opinion this has to be the worst Government in New Zealand’s history.
Failed on every campaign promise.
In the process of delivering on issues not mentioned at election time.

    Such as….’gifting’ $2.75 million to the Mongrel Mob. Way to help major drug criminals launder drug money cindy!!

I have found in life that it is much easier to believe something that you want to believe.

When I invest, I try to do so as dispassionately as possible.

The Jacinda cult is difficult to fathom or empathise with, if you’re not a member. From the outside, it simply seems absurd.

Personally, I don’t understand the Jacinda cultists.

I will be interested to see why Sir Robert believes the zombie army is for turning.

CAKE has his doubts…

I hope that bet wasn’t with the friendly Dr Ian ……..

Watching the support for the farmers protest today, Cindy has definitely lost the next election.

Who the winner is will be the real question. Judiths rabble, regardless who the leader is, are too inward focused and not really electable. Act are on the rise but don’t underestimate Winston First.

My hope is on Act

    ‘Judiths rabble’? You do realise, don’t you, that comments like yours above are exactly what the propaganda arm of the labour party ( herald,newshub,stuff etc) are pushing…how often-if ever-have you read a positive article on Judith Collins on the red press? Usually its a scowling face and more drivel about the Nats so called ‘ internal mess’.
    Don’t get sucked in by their crap, its what they want you do think. Judith Collins is a brilliant politician, AND she tells the truth.
    I can’t wait for a one-on-one debate between ardern/collins…Judith would make mince meat out of ardern and thats probably why the labour ‘think tank’ i.e. helen clark won’t let it happen.

SIR ROBT..Laughter the best medicine is not such an easy thing esp under this inept crowd..will be interested to read your upcoming piece on the positive outcome for the NATS in the 2023 election.

It doesnt matter who you elect. The country is controlled by big business, as all politicians only pick the easy battles.

Distraction is their game.

Legislate against transfer pricing, tax non residents and overseas shareholders higher and ban charitable trusts that are a front for big business.

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