An outfit called Vegan New Zealand is attempting to murder Pacific Islanders.

They have begun an advertising campaign targeting them to become vegans, to “save the planet” and ironically, “For your health”. Killing them doesn’t sound like an ideal health policy to me.

I say that as a shock recently published British medical study reports a startingly high rate of strokes by vegans.

The medical explanation for this is the veins in one’s brain, unlike say heart arteries, are delicately thin, their only protection from bursting being a lining of cholesterol. Of course too much cholesterol will bring about the same strokes by blocking the veins.

Vegans are dicing with death and should adopt a more moderate vegetarian approach, plus accept the health (and pleasure) benefits of eggs and dairy products. Cholesterol is a vital part of the body’s functioning.


Totally agree Bob, any hard out diet will fail long term. As my dear old, healthy all her long life, mum used to say “Moderation in all things”

That bogey man of health : cholesterol , is actually vital for life …. the fat which keeps cell walls flexible …. and , along with veganism , another great threat to modern life is being put on statins by your friendly GP … they mean well , but doctors are prescribing a dangerous drug , the side effects can be horrendous …. but , big pharma in the USA are reaping hundreds of $ billions from statin sales …. Veganism / Statins : Avoid at all costs … protect your cholesterol !

To finish off the quote “….except vegetables, rice, water and sex”

A chap I know has been a staunch vegan for years. Looks like and has the stamina of his elderly grandfather and recently needed another humans ‘fauna’ introduced to his bowel to bolster his lower end which was shutting down…
So…. beneficial – enlightened.

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