Garrick Tremain still remains the best cartoonist in New Zealand, despite not being sufficiently woke for the normally sensible Otago Daily Times.

Here’s his offering on the farmers protest.


“Todd Muller breaks his Duck” Time for a new slogan perhaps ?

Shhh don’t show Ricardo, Marama and James this. You might make them cry


frederickwilliscroft July 20, 2021 at 4:40 pm

He is the only cartoonist that I know who is prepared to make fun of, or be derisive to the current government. If you look at Stuff cartoonists they have a complete obsession with Judith Collins. I am not saying that shouldn’t have a go at her – all politicians are fair game. However I would have thought that the government provides so much rich material that they wouldn’t need to revert to the same old tired Judith material.
They seem to have a policy that Labour/Green/Adern are not to be ridiculed or criticised under any circumstances.

The NZHerald cartoonist could take a lesson from Tremain. Throughout the Key stewardship he was forever having a “go” at National. I thought – “fair enough, they are the government.” I was looking for the same theme of having a go at the government when Labour took over the reins. Sadly he continues to maintain his support for Labour despite claiming disinterest.

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