Colonialism Nonsense

Try and imagine the carry-on in Britain if its government announced special privileges for the original Anglo-Saxon and Celt citizens.

Nearly 40% of today’s Brits are of non-traditional ethnicity. Take those of Indian ethnicity. They have the highest educational standards of all Britain’s diverse ethnicities. They also have the highest incomes and are the least likely to be in prison. The current cabinet is dominated by Indian ethnics, many of four generations back and most pundits are picking the current, (Indian ethnic) Chancellor as Boris’s successor.

But here in New Zealand the government’s posture, if in charge in Britain, would be that you citizens of Indian ethnicity, must step back and allow special privileges to the poor suffering original Anglo-Saxon and Celt inhabitants.

That is a parallel of what is happening here in New Zealand with maoridom.

We’re told maoridom is bearing the awful toll of colonialism, two centuries back.

I’m of Welsh and English stock and have also suffered this. My ancestors had to endure the bloody Roman invasion. Just as we were finally getting over that, bugger me if we then had bloody Vikings turn up and run all over us. My how we suffered from post-colonial stress but with the passing of time we were beginning to stand on our feet when in came the bloody Saxons. My God, the pain. How we lashed out at our wives and children as a result. But with no other option we hung on in and were just starting to gain some confidence when in 1066, the bloody French bowled up and it started all over again. And so it went. The agony of this constant post-colonial stress was unbearable.

So you will understand why maori beat up their wives and children, dominate prison statistics and every other negative measure. It’s all down to colonialism. Only by giving them special privileges will we solve the problem, or so the government asserts.

Being well meaning is no excuse for the racial division the government is promoting with its endless excuses for maori failure and maori privilege.

One of my best mates is maori. He endured the standard jailed father, the batterings and all the baggage that goes with it. Add to that dyslexia and gullibility leading to a short prison sentence but he was blessed with a typically strong willed maori mother’s influence, urging him to forgo excuses and look ahead and not backwards. He’s become a huge success as a human being and wants no truck with excuses. He’s self-employed and hugely liked by all and sundry as a terrific human being. Further, to his great credit, he scorns maori privilege.

I have maori children, no surprise there as I have them by a rich variety of races. They all get on with their lives and couldn’t give a stuff about their ancestry. It’s 100% irrelevant. Not only that but as most of them are girls, they’re all naturally stark raving mad but still overcome that handicap without proffering bogus excuses.

Meaning well is no excuse for causing harm. The government is causing enormous divisive damage to our social fabric by catering to the dying Stuff’s type maori wonderful nonsense. It will be a key reason they’re run out of office in two years time.




I now regularly ask people – “Had enough of maori wonderfulness?” A look of release spreads across their face – someone is allowing them to tell the truth. Out it pours. Scorn for the newspapers / near hatred of TV One news and its bulldozing of an agenda.

We all know that telling someone who finishes 700th in a marathon that they’re a champion makes us look stupid, not the competitor. So we look on the woke amongst us and see similar stupidity.

    Yes , my Scottish ancestors were persecuted by the English for around 1000 years , my Scottish grandfather got sent to NZ on a boat when he was 18 year old , he fought and killed Germans for three years in North Africa side by side with his Maori mates, privilege’ ? there is no privilege or race issues for that matter when your being shelled constantly for 36 months, my granddad obviously survived the war and taught me to work my but off , I have been a tax payer since I was 15 years old after my biological father was taken away by the police never to be seen again, I never had sick day, some people would now say we are well off and that my son is a “privileged Pakeha , I say get stuffed we have earned it.

Segregation at it’s finest. If they keep this crap up, ill join the smart masses and piss off to Australia too.

Love your articles scream out loud Vote them Out.

Our government insults Maori and makes them look like some stupid inferior race that need molycodled by us “privileged’ colonisers.
It is just a load of crap designed to make a small number of the Maori leaders more powerfull and richer, and make some dunderhead politicians happy that they are saving the Maori race.
I have people of Maori descent in my family and they can not be bothered by all this crap. They get sick of being portrayed as morons by all these dickheads going on about how inferior they are.

Socialism needs injustice to survive.
If there is none, create it.

Brilliant Bob! The hammer hit the head of the nail in perfect symmetry there.
The dissidents see a chance to garner a slice of power and are pushing through a door that has been opened by this crazy government.
If we carry on down this road, it is no stretch to imagine civil unrest.
God forbid, I’m even thinking “bring back Winston!”

I’ve been waiting for Sir Bob to weigh in on this the single most important threat to our evolution as a liberal democracy, where everyone is equal under the law. In his own inimitable way Sir Bob has articulated the threat…now it’s up to the electorate to vote out this Labour Government.

Partner of Pharmachick is Scottish… he says that all of this “white privilege” nonsense would be stopped if half the jokesters not just heard about, but had history lessons on the Highland Clearances. Food for thought.

    My grandmother’s people, her ancestors, were Gaelic speaking Scottish highland crofters and were victims of the Highland clearances. They were evicted, their homes bunt out, often with the elderly and infirm inside, and the land seized to make way for grazing sheep to feed the growing cities with meat and wool for the textile industry. It has been called, not unreasonably, a genocide.

    The survivors made their way to the coast with what they could carry and regrouped and found whatever work there was. Fishing and basic labouring work mostly. The opportunity arose to head for a new life in Eastern Canada, Nova Scotia specifically where there was work to be found in the cod fishing and forestry industries and, probably more importantly, the opportunity to acquire land and the building of a proper community.

    Things were tough, the climate still cold and they suffered severe hardships. When news came of better prospects in Australia or New Zealand the people got together, almost a thousand of them, and under the guidance of their remarkable leader Norman McLeod resolved to migrate. They had little money but a ton of courage, faith and commitment. They would build and man their own ships and sail them to the other side of the world. That is what they did.

    The five ships (of around 200 tons) were, with basic tools and a lot of hard labour, duly built. They set off in the 1850’s. Down the Atlantic, Cape Verde Islands, Cape Town, Melbourne and on to New Zealand where they were sold and land bought at Waipu, Northland from the proceeds. The people prospered, they kept their faith and familial connections and commitments. They needed to; adversity was always just around the corner. As a young women my Grandmother lost her entire family, parents and brothers and sisters to influenza and pneumonia. That was far from unusual.

    There is a Museum in honour of those people at Waipu and we have a celebration and the Highland Games every January (summer) to keep our connections and their story alive. It is also, perhaps, a reminder, something worth reflecting on: the background and the compelling motivations for folk to spread out, to colonise and perhaps to understand, with due humility, what they went through.

    Here is a wee clip telling a little of this remarkable but little known story. https://youtu.be/DaD7ZYH6oPM

    And the Irish Famine. My family on each side came to NZ over 150years ago from both atrocities

Sounds about right Bob. The reality is you can’t talk like this in mainstream media because having an opinion that doesn’t line up with Willy Jackson and John Tamahere’s rhetoric leaves you with a barrage of “your a racist” comments. Freedom of speech has departed with a lot of other common liberties.

A remarkable coincidence-Literally just this morning as I was reading about the Hate Speech laws being enacted in NZ I shook my head and thought that the worst problem with the current NZ government can be summed up as “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” History is littered with examples of this.
Its there with death, pain & taxes.
This particular crop of politicans have come straight from middle class families, in to POLS 101 and then the type of politics that appeal to Facebook groups. Avoid offensive at all costs…
Naively believing that government control fixes life, they are seeking to “fix NZ” so it resembles a Eco-Maori disneyland. Oh the joys…

First-look at the language coming from the government, as language is usually the first thing to be “corrected”.
Just look at how infuriating, dishonest and bland speech is becoming in NZ.
Slowly, slowly and then very suddenly all sorts of freedoms will be removed “for our own good.”
“Where they burn books, they will also ultimately burn people.”wrote Heinrich Heine.
It won’t get that bad in NZ-but I can easily see a Sri Lankan style problem with subsets of people believing they are the chosen ones and the rest are invader/colonisers.

Good luck over there…

But to lighten the mood a little…
Half Welsh you say?
I used to go out with a Welsh girl who had 36DDs. It was a ridiculously long name…

This latest nonsense of plying the Mongrel Mob with millions of taxpayer dollars has got my radar spinning.
The Mob specialise in the manufacture, importation and distribution of narcotics. Much of New Zealand’s arm robbery , car theft and burglary is directly attributable to the collections side of the dealing in drugs.
The Mob haven’t suddenly seen the light and taken up sky baying all of sudden.
One of their other less publicised but longstanding business practices is blackmail and extortion. This latest caper of the $2.7 million is so weapons-grade crazy there has to be a story behind it. I suspect some big brown fellows have got someone firmly by the short and curlies.

    If you’ve seen the MM video thats circulating at the moment then you could very much believe that there’s a very plausible reason why $2.75 million was paid along with why, just coincidentally, the Police seem to be going easy on them as well…….

    Where do you think they got that? From greedy other groups.

    If only the greedy lot worked out there is more pleasure in giving than taking…

That’s one of the best pieces you’ve ever done by my humble opinion and I’ve read you since Jones On Property over 40 years ago.
Take a bow, Sir Robert. Your actions and shared wisdom have been of more practical value in increasing the happiness and prosperity of New Zealanders than anyone I can think of.
I wish you continued good health for purely selfish reasons. I would love to read a sequel/update of “My Property World” . And maybe a volume on effective philanthropy. Need advice on how to best dispense of the millions I’ve accumulated by simply following the buy well-don’t sell advice you gave freely since the ’70’s.

Good that you are finally writing about this appalling situation currently playing out in NZ Sir Bob. I’m actually writing this from 30 stories up on the sunny Gold Coast as a few months ago I decided enough was definitely enough – at least until the result of election 2023 anyway.

The NZ I’ve loved all these years is being wrecked by a bunch of psychopathic racists promoting separatism & causing divisiveness. I believe it is seriously ramping up now from what I’ve been reading in recent times.

I’ve spent vast amounts of time over here over the years. On one occasion when I was over here some years ago, ‘king hits’ were all the rage & the public said “enough – lets rename them as ‘king hits’ is seemingly glorifying the offenders”. And so they did. They very quickly renamed them ‘Coward Punches’ & woe betide any offender caught from that point on.

Although I know you are firmly tongue in cheek with ‘maori wonderfulness’ it would seem this could be construed in the wrong way by plenty of ill-informed folk. I would think things have denigrated so far that something far more appropriate for the times like ‘maori toxicity’ would sum up the current environment quite well.

Keep up the great articles.

If they dont get shafted next election. NZ is fooked

Great to see Bob and the kiwi Farmers are showing us the way to save New Zealand

Bob, one of your best!!

I’m from both English and Scottish Ancestry and I’m confused because it appears I colonised myself and now I have to fight myself for compensation

    I suspect the problem is one half of you wants to sit in the pub all day and the other half doesn’t want to pay for it? 🙂

Good on ya Bob. I’m sick to hell of this Maori privilege BS. I’m getting to dislike this country. The woke cup cakes are a pain in my back side. Stuff you Stuff.

It’s weird to think of all these people walking around with crap in their head. You can read them in the Stuff comments every day. And they vote for this political stupidity.

Do Maori need special treatment because they are so wonderful or so pathetic is a question rarely asked and never answered. Of course the answer is that they don’t but it suits their elite to create a gravy train to administer. There is no trickle down on that train.

    Lets be honest here….They teach you economics at school, which doesnt touch whats going on…There’s plenty of people that work hard, but dont go anywhere. The whole game is financial literary, and without it you get left behind.. And its not just Maori…

good to learn that a well known (and mostly respected) and successful businessman is speaking up about the ridiculous divisiveness this Government is creating between Maori and everyone else. We are all New Zealanders (not Aotearoaians) not matter what race or authenticity.
2 years is a long time to put up with this rubbish

That is SUCH an incisive point about special provisions for indigenous people – one of many contradictions and hypocrisies about modern progressivism, is that anywhere where the indigenous people ARE WHITEY, none of the stuff about protecting THEIR heritage applies, it is all about multi-culti bowing and scraping to the newcomers.

I grew up in South Africa as a ‘rooinek’ forced to learn, under duress, the the Boer’s language. My parents emigrated to New Zealand so their children would not grow up in a racist society. I opposed the 1981 Springbok tour. In recent years I have become more and more uncomfortable with Maori activism, claims of superiority, white wokeness and determination to force the Maori language down unwilling throats. All too reminiscent of Afrikaaner politics of the 1950s.

My great grandmother was persecuted by the English for speaking Welsh at school in the late 19th century yet today I number numerous Englishmen amongst my friends. When the Endeavour visited Gisborne a year or two back we had the spectacle of a Maori women in tears over the fact that Captain Cook’s men had shot one of her ancestors who had been caught thieving in the late 18th century. I have never seen a greater spectacle of crocodile tears in all of my 76 years!

Welsh, Afrikaans and Maori are boutique languages worthy of preservation but useless beyond the shores on which they are spoken. Better by far too teach students to learn useful language such as Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin or Russian.

People can’t say what they really think,because they are immediately branded as RACIST

If we are talking about Racism and Woke Bullshit (which I think is the new working name for the Stuff website?)

This Maori “privilege” you talk of: could you explain it carefully and precisely please?

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