A lead Dominion-Post article yesterday, began, “New figures show Wellington’s soaring house prices may be stabilising but it is too early to say the market has peaked…”

Where’s the bloody sub-editor? Analyse that sentence. It begins by saying the market is soaring. It then says new figures suggest otherwise, in which case it’s not soaring.

What should have been written is “New figures show that following a period of soaring house prices, a stabilising is now occurring”.

The peaking reference is superfluous.

You can see why I no longer subscribe to the rag but read copies sprayed about our buildings, mainly for the crosswords.


Critiquing headlines in Stuffed and the Herald could easily be a full-time job with overtime and weekend work. “Gold! Carrington becomes NZ’s most-medalled Olympian” was one that caught my eye today. A medal is an object that you wear or are presented with, it is not a verb that you apply to something else. Sub-editors are clearly asleep at our print media companies.

    It’s appalling, I’m not sure the sub-editors would know any better however, their title bestowed for long service rather than a superior command of the language

Yesterday one of the woke dunderheads substituted the term “admiral” for “admirable”

The best one I read recently was that the perpetrators escaped in a “silver sudan”.

Just the other day I was surprised to read a Herald headline proclaiming that the whole country was about to get a dump of snow. “Across the country” was the term used. Waited in vain here in Whangarei, didn’t happen.

Sad really. The Dom Post used to punch well above its weight. Then, maybe a decade back, the good articles were the ones they flogged from other news agencies. Today, the only piece worth reading is the 5 Minute Quiz.

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