From the Stuff web-site last week

A heading – “Google billionaire Larry Page is an New Zealand residence”.

Stuff either have no sub-editors or, if they do, illiteracy is an essential qualification for employment.


Spot on! They need a good old fashioned name and shame for their bumbling millenials who lack the basics.

Does Larry have indoor / outdoor flow? How many bedrooms and is Larry north facing? The Stuffed readership is no doubt on the edge of their seats.

Years and years ago we taught Latin and Greek in high schools. Now we teach remedial English in university. With the language of the primitive natives found here on Cook’s and Tasman’s arrival being pushed by the eft and the right, we’re heading further down the OECD rakings of literacy, maths and science.

Maybe it was supposed to be “…an Aotearoa resident”. You were picking up on a different STUFF up; surely a firing event for the hapless writer.

Don’t be too harsh. They were obviously home schooled and still live with their mum.

I’ve just seen the height of irony in s Stuff article, belittling an online retailer website for being full of spelling and grammatical errors. Maybe it was set up by a Stuff reporter?

“The bedspread is being sold on Tmarc Tee, a website that claims to be based in Newark, Delaware in the United States, but markets itself as a “worldwide online shopping store”. The site’s home page features dozens of spelling and grammatical errors.”

A few weeks back…. And they drove off in a “silver sudan”. Also from Stuff. How they managed to drive a whole country away is beyond me. Who knows?

Any decent spell checker these days also does a fair job of identifying grammatical nonsense.

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