A 29 year old Tongan, Ola Folau, one of a gang of four, launched an unprovoked attack on two brothers resulting in the death of one of them, a notably healthy athlete.

The undisputed evidence is Folau rained a number of punches on the deceased, mostly while he was being held by another of his gang.

Justice Michael Robinson “accepted Folau’s genuine remorse” and sentenced him to six months home detention.

This is sheer madness. Anywhere else in the fast dwindling in number, still civilised nations, Folau would face a lengthy prison sentence. In many other countries he’d be executed.

I note Robinson’s legal background is recorded as specialising in insolvency, banking and financial services, and that he was only appointed to the bench two months ago.

One can only wonder whether the judge would accept “genuine remorse” as a reason for 6 months home detention had Folau been up on a financial crime, an improbable contingency mind you as judging by his photograph he appeared to be retarded.

Let’s hope the Police appeal this insanity.


If genuine remorse can reduce a sentence this substantially, then one would assume the genuine grief and despair of the victim’s family would add on at least as many years to any jail term…

    This judge has clearly shown poor judgement. I do wonder what other poor judgements he made. One’ suspects he was asked to more away from finance, for that exact reason….

    I lived next door to a judge, who got his home painted by gang members..What does that tell you?

It is indeed insanity Sir Bob & surely our currently disillusioned police force will appeal the sentence on behalf of all outraged New Zealanders.

Whilst on the subject of insanity, I see Parliament has allowed your favourite Green Party member, one RMM, a hand in removing the painting of Sir Winston Churchill. I look forward to your take on this further PC BS.

This country is on an unimaginable slide to Hell.

10 year minimum term in Australia when the one punch law came in in 2014 after a young man died from being punched

    Correct – I was here when that happened. And they renamed such acts as “Coward Punches” as well. They didn’t mess around time-wise instigating it, either.

I would not be surprised if the current Commissioner of Police sends the Judge a bunch of roses and a bottle of..yes..chardonnay. Unfortunately that Judge does not have to justify his decision on penalty. He just announces it. However, on the face of it this is a shockingly unqualified disaster of a penalty. Police at the ‘street’ level are getting hammered from all directions-ardern gifting $2.75m to a criminal gang, her police minister saying her responsibility lies with pacific islanders in south auckland, not Police in general, cops getting shot at, murders and shootings almost daily. Yep, this is New Zealand not chicago or any other crime capital. There has to be an appeal against this stupid sentence, and that judge should be removed from the bench. Don’t hold your breath.

I wonder if Robinson would see it the same way if that was his child that was held and beaten to death.

Why is there no order for deportation?

Proposed changes to “hate speech ” laws could see an offender serve 3 years in Prison,or a $50.000 fine.Thugs in this Country often receive far less.Well done Faafoi.

Meanwhile gangs are recruiting faster than the police this year! Police College cancelled an entire 2021 intake citing “lack of money”

Yes Sir Robert.
Why are the leaders of our society so week and easily manipulated by an imaginary popular injustice or entitlement ; a hysterical fashion no less.
They must be principled in law and fact only. We have no society otherwise.

Where on earth is this country heading? Well said Sir Bob.

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