Periodically we read of a foreign sports team or other group doing a haka, God only knows why as for me it’s arguably New Zealand’s greatest embarrassment. Still, each to their own.

Nevertheless, whenever it occurs inevitably the newspapers show a grave looking maori male, usually described as an academic but invariably from one of the bogus non-intellectual contrived fields now littering our universities, who expresses his grievance at cultural appropriation.

A particular irony of this is his garb, usually a suit, a clear-cut case of cultural appropriation.

Our newspapers have reported about a German maths teacher, currently on trial for cannibalism. I have looked in vain so far for the cultural appropriation complaints to register a protest, this after all being a maori cultural specialty, but to date, silence. Why?


You hit it out of the park with this one. Hilarious.

Anyone who teaches German Maths is going to be guilty of something…

Also, why don’t the Cricket team perform a Haka? Well because that would look really stupid…hmmmm. perhaps someone should mention this to Rugby NZ ?

The honour of Rauparaha and Rangihaeata is at stake here. They were unquestionably joint Olympic gold medalists in this sport.
I recall visiting Porirua’s Rauparaha arena and feeling quite uneasy eating a ‘steak’ pie at the cafe.


One only hopes this distraction ends badly for those who have cooked this up…

Hi Sir Bob – you’ve been silent since the lockdown started. Hope to hear from you soon.

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