Stuff’s Political writer Luke Malpass is one of our best. He’s always balanced, apolitical and intelligent. I treasure this extract from his article last week on the government’s abysmal covid vaccine record.

However, it’s all very well laughing at this nonsensical verbosity, but the implications are serious. What it reveals is an inability to be honest and admit a cock-up, as the Australian PM did and apologised to the nation for, but worse, screaming incompetence and abysmally poor judgement.


Look where one of our woke communication degrees get get you -spouting repetitive meaningless arse covering drivel that never answers what is asked ,and sadly this is our leader.
What is even sadder is the number that accept this guff without question.

My 13 year old daughter agreed with her 27 year old school teacher Ms Ameliana , ( ..children not aloud to use Amelia as deeply offensive apparently ) …. ” how dare they be mean to Jacinda , she’s just trying to be kind “….

Oh dear.
The long hard road ahead.

Sir Bob,
Yes she is dishonest but the majority it would seem don’t see it, don’t want to see it.

Agree Bob She is unable to admit failure, which is a very common fault in people
Was opening up the aussie bubble a mistake , especially without having to be vacated, absolutely as returning travellers bought the virus back with them Her excuse “ it was based on the best information at the time ( whatever that means )
Was ordering the vaccines so late and having the slowest vaccination rates in the western world at mistake . Absolutely Her excuse at the time was , “ We don’t have Covid here and people are dying overseas, so it’s only right they are vacated first “
She’s the accidental prime minister of New Zealand, not the world, and her first duty to to the people who pay her large salary

    frederickwilliscroft September 13, 2021 at 6:02 pm

    Can we be very clear on this. The Aussie bubble did not result in a returning traveller bringing the virus back with them. The bubble actually worked very well. This current outbreak was through a person in MIQ – the bubble had been suspended/closed long before then. I presume some media are indicating otherwise so as to get back at ACT/National for pushing so hard for the bubble.

    As for Ardern I heard some sound bites today from her 4pm broadcast from the Pulpit of truth. She is so patronising and disingenuous. I know that a great many of the people who watch these are thick but for the remainder of us who have some sort of intelligence it is nauseating.

    I disagree, she can admit failure (when it is by others)
    She never makes mistakes so never needs to apologise for herself

I am still trying to figure out if she understands it herself.

Totally agree with previous comments that the problem is that a significant percentage of the population don’t understand it either but still want to vote for her. Bizarre.

Three major cockups re Covid: a) failure to organise vaccines, b) failure to establish sufficient or pupose built quarantine facilities, c) failure to enhance ICU capacity.

Add these to cockups in pretty much every other area – housing, education, transport, child welfare.

Then contrast that with her media fan club suppressing justified criticism.

Perhaps it’s time for the media to remind JA of the promise she made of honest and open government during the run up to the 2017 election, or did I just dream that?

What is equally alarming is the sycophantic snow flakes in the television media that are incapable of reporting on the short comings of the PM. Too scared in case they are not invited to the next political news briefing. The PM has her own agenda, Auntie Helen will jack her up a job at the UN and then she’ll be off and NZ will be poorer for the years we endured this nightmare.

Well they’re succeeding on one level. They are constantly creating the impression that “of course” we should all want to be vaccinated, with all these superficial dramas. All this stuff avoids the big conversation on mRNA vaccine safety, which is an absolute don’t-go-there zone. Most of us think only conspiracy theorists go there, and they have no idea that some titans in the field of virology and vaccination have serious concerns – alas.

Have never understood how anyone could consider her a good communicator unless that means stringing a whole lot of words and phrases together incoherently and baffling us all with bulls*** in the process

Not only did we not have enough vaccine but The Labour Party asked Pfizer to slow down the vaccine delivery. That’s not incompetence that’s irresponsible, just like our Jaffa lawyer on ski pass to Wanaka

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