European – 70.2%
Maori – 16.5%
Asian – 15.1%
Pacific – 8.1%
Other – 1.5%

The above figures show New Zealand’s ethnicity breakdown.

We have a Minister for Pacific Affairs and one for Maori Affairs. Why not one for Asian Affairs?

We all know the answer. Asians; mainly Chinese but also Thais, Koreans, Filipinos, Indians and others, don’t need their hands held. They stand on their own feet. They dominate secondary schools’ top academic performers. Our most famous ever athlete, perhaps after Ed Hillary, is Korean-born Lydia Ko who has a huge international fan base.

If there was a poll for the country’s most popular female, probably at the moment Jacinda would win it, but likely in second place would be Malaysian-born Nadia Lim, and so it goes.

These people came into this country in large numbers over the past quarter century, often penniless, dealing with an alien culture and language and I don’t doubt if measured by a host of desirable criteria, would top the poll on every standard, specially in providing medical services. I shudder to think of the state of the nation had they not arrived.

New Zealand has always suffered an exodus of our best and brightest, understandable given our isolation and small population. But without the Asian inflow we would now be the sick man of the OECD.

That fate may still await us if we don’t open the immigration doors. The average age of European Kiwis is 40, that is past an age of initiating new enterprises.

Like every nation in the world outside of Africa, we are not maintaining our population. Only immigration is sustaining populations in countries such as Britain, Germany and so on. Within a decade there will be heavy competition for migrants. A visionary government should be actively encouraging Asian immigrants while the going is good. Even Japan is now doing that.

Instead we labour under a mind-blowingly inept government, hopelessly out of their depth and obsessed with covid, closing us off from the world.

Well, you can’t fight a war by hiding under your bed. Deluding itself about a low covid death count the government ignores the soaring suicide numbers, the numerous deaths through inability to access hospitals, the widespread depression as any GP or pharmacist will confirm and the huge toll in families split by the idiotic closed borders.

We look with envy at Europe and North American nations run by grown-ups who are getting on with life. Their covid death tolls are almost totally half-wits who for diverse reasons refuse to be vaccinated. Future historians will record the current government in scathing terms. They remind me of the last 3 years of the Muldoon government, denying reality and lacking the courage to confront a necessary new world order.


Please run for office again. Seymour doesn’t quite cut it. Just once more, you could do it!

An interesting analysis although I would suggest that your observation about Asians placing great importance on education would also hold true, for example, of Eastern European immigrants to USA in 19th and 20th centurys.

This does beg the question as to why many Pacifica familys don’t seem to value education as highly as other immigrants.

Hear Hear.

Most Asian countries have no welfare, they also have a great work ethic and also look after their families well. I would love to see a graph showing nationalities in NZ claiming a benefit same as the one you just did…

I can guarantee that there will be a mass exodus of Kiwis heading for greener pastures if the Government carries on the path of elimination and keeps us as castaways on a deserted island , just like Gilligans isand.

As a New Zealand-born Indian, I feel uneasy about being lumped into the homogeneous category of Asian. Technically, India is South Asia. However, Indians, Pakistanis, and Afghanis have little in common with Japanese, Indonesians, etc.
in any event, I class myself as a New Zealander, not first and foremost, but exclusively. That is not denying my Indian heritage, just an acknowledgment of MY culture – call me a “potato” if you will.
I agree, wholeheartedly, with Sir Bob’s sentiment. Having a Ministry dedicated to a particular ethnic group is patronising, insulting, and discriminatory against tge rest of us.
I call for the abolition of the Maori and Pacific ministry. Their tasks, if any are needed, should be devolved to the community level. Iwi have enormous financial resources that they should apply to their own people.
In tge meantime, the rest of us can succeed or fail based on our own merits.

I know many people from Cambodia who came to NZ. Often they have the most harrowing tales with their families slaughtered by the Khmer Rouge. If anyone had a reason to pay the grievance card it would be them. But no, they are innately cheerful. pleased to come here and get on with their lives.
For some reason immigrants seen to be demonised here. Blamed for rising house prices, taking Kiwi jobs. Often these jobs are ones that Kiwis don’t want to do, horticulture, rest home workers. In other areas such as engineering, IT we desperately need these people – we don’t have the skill set. Immigrants enrich societies and the Govts policy of turning the tap off completely is ridiculous and hopelessly short sighted.

Spot on as usual Bob. If only the Government had half as much knowledge and wisdom!

We are going to need a Minister for European Affairs soon

Lets also remember, us imports have come from a much more competitive society; where one has to stand on their own feet to survive. Maybe we have to go back to a barter system, to rid ourselves from the corrupted money system; which I see is no longer just a medium of exchange, but a means of control.

The bartering system is all the Pacific islands have known, and have been none the worse until the europeans imposed their corrupt system on them; and for that matters others.

The economics we are tort (excuse the pun) at school is not reality, as there is no free market. Money and interest payments; for the most part, is a private tax system. Its very clear its above politicians, who are nothing but pawns protecting the queen.

There should be a Minister for European Affairs. especially now to defend the majority of NMZ citizens from attacks of the Labour / Greens / Maori nutcases.

Bob Jones is as usual right on the mark ;

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