The most interesting thing about the deranged ISIS supporting ratbag who stabbed six innocents before being killed by the Police, was his nationality. Specifically, he was Sri Lankan born.

There are about 20,000 Sri Lankan migrants living in New Zealand. Is it possible he was the first Sri Lankan to commit a crime in New Zealand? I certainly don’t recall any others as arguably more than any other ethnicity, they’re model citizens.

Since the late 1970s up until his retirement, my GP and tennis opponent was a Sri Lankan. I’ve known many, indeed one of our staff who we’ve employed for the last 15 or so years is Sri Lankan. I’ve never met one I didn’t like and we’re lucky to have them here.


Too right Bob

100% true they are fabulous people and has been a pleasure in past to visit their country and experience the warmth of welcome from them

well said

Agree, look elsewhere hint – Islamic ideology, and Mohammad; as a bad role model for the motive ..

My annoyance has been growing at the argument that we, middle New Zealand, is in some way responsible for this man’s actions.

Why do the left find it so neccessary to wallow in “self despising” …

An interesting take on this.


Unfortunately Bob the facts tell a different story. According to Wellington City Council alone, Sri Lankans were issued 27 parking tickets in 2020. But astonishingly, they were all paid.

Islam can turn people into nutters.

I agree. I used to work with a Sri Lankan here in New Zealand, and you could not hope to meet a nicer guy.
That’s the problem with radicalised extremists. They can pop up anywhere, from amongst ordinary ranks.:

I ran the stats on ethnicities once from census data for a uni project in the 1990s. Sri Lankans were the most educated, second richest, and had the lowest divorce rate of any ethnic group in New Zealand.

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