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Teenager caught speeding

Please God, let me get out of here. I want to live in a grown-ups world.


I stopped reading stuff some time ago….

Harry and Megan on the front page of Time tells us much on who controls the situation.

Remember it wasnt so long ago Kings & Queens were cutting off peoples heads. Course they cant get away with this these days.

Or stay and help lead the fight to regain back a sensible country ….. Please?

Pretty please? Or at least recommend someone that has some decency and commonsense!

NewsHub .16/9/21

” Government debt nears $100 billion but Finance Minister Grant Robertson confident in New Zealand’s ‘strong fiscal position’ ”

????????????? A ?

One hundred x one thousand x one million = $100 000 000 000

According to Labour our country has never been in better shape. NewsHub has suggested we have a Rock Star economy.

“…its all good other countries have done the same”

????????????? A ?

Never mind the debt NZ. What about social inequality, climate change, colonialism……and me2.

Who would have thought? A young man liking a bit of speed. Well I never. In our day we always stuck to the speed limit. Yeah right! Must be a slow news day. 🙄🙄

Shock as Sun rises…

Was it “Breaking news” with a red banner?

If not, why not?

Hard to believe but the gardening column on today’s website is sourced from The Washington Post. Do Stuff not know anyone from NZ who can write a garden column. Added to that there is very obviously a huge difference in gardening in Washington DC to NZ. Check out the story.

Why gardening mistakes are inevitable, even for the experts.
by Adrian Higgins.
The Washington Post.

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