The home invasion was “easily the most carefully planned and professionally executed aggravated robbery of its type I’m aware of in New Zealand”, so said Judge Thomas Ingram when jailing four maori gang members for a house invasion in which they took $40.

“Carefully planned and professionally executed”; words fail me.

First, they hit on the wrong house owned by a pensioner couple. Adding to their misjudgement, the neighbouring house was that of a senior detective who heard the wife scream, resulting in a team of police arriving.

Then they fled, abandoning their vehicle, now confiscated. One tried to hitch-hike out of town and was picked up by an off-duty police officer resulting in his arrest, leading to the capture of his co-offenders.

It will come as no surprise to learn that these four brilliant criminal tacticians were all deportees from Australia where plainly their criminal professionalism which so impressed the judge, hadn’t been a rip-roaring success.


Labour repealed Home Invasion (one of my 26 successful law changes I introduced or initiated about 30 yrs ago in 2002) and said it was no difference someone grabbing a woman’s handbag in the street or breaking into an occupied house and holding the occupants hostage. They said both were robbery. Tell that to the victims.

Oh dear..Perhaps they were deported from Australia because they didn’t even make the grade as gangsters there..

Government (and their communicators) are listened to less and less, and its because they are ignoring the things that count. The high cost of living in this country, which is clearly being controlled by monopolistic predators.

As they say, actions speak loader than words. I’m holding my breath for something meaningful from them. But am beginning to accept until the government is bankrupt we wont see change.

And with the rate they are borrowing it wont be long.


And obviously all performed under the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi…

Does seem to me that third world culture and planning combined with inactivity in the cranial vault honed in the gang or communal environment with its entitlement aspect always turns to shit in the end .There is a wider lesson here for all and the Judge aint aware of much.

Peter Andrew Cameron Beveridge September 16, 2021 at 7:37 pm

They will now be List MPs on either the Labour, Maori Party or Green ticket.

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