Nonsense though his pretend job is, I almost feel sorry for our Human Rights Commissioner keeping track of the relentless announcements from here and abroad of hitherto unknown natural human rights.

Here’s another for his list. An Aljazeera reporter, describing the current water shortage in Palestine, told the world, “It’s everyone’s basic human right to have access to fresh water”.


It’s a fundamental human right to invent more human rights (and for all bureaucraces to grow without limit).

Bob, in all these, ever growing, number of demands for RIGHTS; Do you ever see the word RESPONSIBILITY mentioned. Never!
That would mean the groups or individual demanding rights would be required to undertake to do something in return for these rights.

Of c0urse it’s a fundamental Human Right to have good water, we cease to exist without it.

I personally believe we are born with no more rights than a lion in the jungle is. When my kids were born they had nothing written on the foreheads spelling out what they have a right to. Every right demanded by one is a call to force another to provide it for them.

It should be the responsibility of governance to provide this basic human need.

I do wonder whether it’s the media interests interchange the word from ‘need’ to ‘right’ to suit their own agenda.

The privatisation of water overseas has benefitted the few, as their model is not sustainable long term. The corporates create more waste of resource than anyone.

And those (i.e. past and present politicians) that facilitate the privatisation of basic human needs can only be working for the interests of the few.

And till the rinse and wash cycle continues.

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