That’d be funny if it wasn’t true….our democracy is doomed.

“Earlier in 2008 Ardern was elected president of the International Union of Socialist Youth. In early 2009, just two months after becoming an MP, Ardern presided over the union’s World Council annual meeting in her capacity as president“


Unfortunately its not just NZ. 6 corporations control 98% of media outlets in the USA and its a similar figure in the UK. What does this mean? Well take the amount of “Hooray” style coverage of the USA drone strike in Kabul after the suicide attack at the airport. Then weeks later Al Jazeera (who are the least corrupted) report what really happens.

The problem is that the lapdogs haven’t figured out where the “jellymeat” is actually coming from. The long suffering taxpayers and hardworking farmers of this country that seem to totally despise.

Ain’t that the truth….

When all it is distraction from the main event of corporate capitalism greed…

Exactly why we don’t ever see an Emerson cartoon like that

Media lapdogs are now the Public relations division of the Labour Party.
Look at how much pro Labour news, anti other argument news, there is generated.
All under a PR disguise of public emergency, a team of 5 million.
PM and her mob, rewarded with smiley positive spin pieces, endlessly repeated.
Any serious matter is merely provided token watchdog questioning, with limited air time.
The news media love suckling the Govt tax tit, as the real news isn’t questioned, or reported.
Any political party could never have wet dreamt, a situation where they could buy news media control.
Now, with this new standard of care, the other parties eagerly await their turn.

New Zealanders needed their news media to remain independent.
Needing to represent the interest of New Zealand.
Now the news media has committed an act of treason, against the people they represent, the New Zealand public.

Selling their souls to corporate advertisers, and drunk on power Government overlords.
Mainstream media journalism is now immoral, corrupt, and a disgrace!
Cannot be trusted, and has become the “Ministry of Truth” for their Govt masters.

    Yes agreed. The media don’t see their role as investigative or to hold power to account. They are there to relay the message from Head Office.
    Most of the people going in to journalism are inexperienced in life, young and easily wooed by a bit of money or being around a public persona. Not the type to rock the boat.

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