Recall the news item a few months back of the arrest of six men who were planning to kidnap the Michigan State governor. Their motive; to make a symbolic gesture as they were upset at the covid inspired restraints.

The first of them appeared in court recently and copped a six year prison sentence.

A few weeks back a loser appeared in court charged with threatening to kill a National MP. He was given six months home detention.

This is madness. Legal practitioners tell me this is in response to the government urging courts to go soft on maori and Islander offenders, God knows why. The offender was Samoan.

If that’s the case it’s yet another illustration of the government’s naivety about life’s realities to add to a lengthy list.


So what about the separation of the government and the Courts? Judges can only sentence as per the laws at the time. Such an ‘urging’ is just not on and should be ignored by the judges, They don’t have to worry about their jobs as they can’t be sacked so maybe it’s about those cushy numbers they all line up for on retirement while still on the list of alternates.

I once lived next door to a (very average criminal) lawyer appointed judge, who had his house papered by the crocks he served; and he worked for someone else I know at the time.

What does that tell you about Judges?

Why dont you organise another political party ? You did a good job of it last time. We need someone with some backbone and common sense.

I sometimes look in news items for who the judge was. Then see if they’re in this list:

The character who set up this website seemingly has had some axes to grind with the NZ Judiciary. And I dunno how up to date it is these days.

But some of the judge’s profiles I find rather interesting.

Talking of madness I note the RNZ website has an article with the heading – “10-year mental health plan to guide government decisions – Little” – should we be even more concerned about our politicians?

How many people who follow the lamestream media are aware that half the guys involved in the “kidnap Michigan Governor Whittmer” plot were FBI agents entrapping the other guys?

Just the other day at the US Capitol where some more protests had been “organized”, the Police picked out a guy and piled in on him because he was carrying a concealed weapon and evidently scared for his life he screamed out that he was undercover FBI, which turned out to be true.

Draw your own conclusions.

Regarding the Whitmer kidnapping plot, it’s actually a rather insane story in itself.

The defendants are currently pleading entrapment because it turns out that half the people in the plot were either FBI or FBI informants, including the guy that had basically pulled the various defendants into the crime in the first place (with explicit agreement from his FBI handler on who to approach) – including flying them in from around the country and putting them up in hotels and paying for their food etc.

Michigan’s Attorney General is saying that it isn’t entrapment because they followed along with the FBI’s plan without too much prodding.

The FBI turned a bunch of loud mouth losers into potentially dangerous terrorists. It’s good to have them off the streets though I guess.

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