New Zealand is by a very long shot, the most geographically isolated developed nation in the world.

For that reason we’ve always suffered a sizeable brain drain as anyone with an ounce of spirit, leaves for the more interesting life the wider world offers.

Over the last six decades I’ve spent about half my life abroad. My now abandoned love of trout fishing initially kept me here, plus other things which are important to me which arose from my presence.

That said, I’m constantly astonished by our small country’s misplaced sense of importance. Take two letters from a recent NZ Herald.

A Craig Taylor of Mission Bay wrote, “The innovation ability of New Zealanders set us apart from the world”.

A Rose Lovell-Smith wrote “the world has taken notice of our management of covid”.

Yes Rose, it has indeed. We’ve been the laughing stock abroad all year over this. As Britain now moves on to delivering booster shots plus vaccinating teens, we’re measurably one of the world’s worst performers in handling covid, to a disgraceful degree.

The Economist for example, has cited New Zealand as the epitome of stupidity, destroying its economy in creating a hermit state, locked off from the world. Other foreign newspapers have simply laughed at us. I exclude the Guardian which constantly publishes New Zealand wonderfulness nonsense written by a lefty New Zealand journalist.

One thing is clear. Open societies in Europe and America are getting on with life. Nearly all of their covid deaths are people who refused the freely available vaccinations. There’s a desirable Darwinian element to this in getting rid of idiots.

Craig Taylor’s farcical assertion that “the innovation ability of New Zealanders set us apart from the world” is the sort of punching above our weight, number 8 fencing wire nonsense that has always been an embarrassment, reflecting a small irrelevant nation’s inferiority complex.

What is Craig referring to I wonder? Plastic animal ear tags perhaps, first created in Hamilton. Of the near 8 billion people in the world I’d be surprised if any are aware of this.

Our greatest innovator was Rutherford, he pioneering today’s nuclear power, one of mankind’s most amazing accomplishments. For decades it’s been the major source of electricity in France and to varying degrees in other nations.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister said the reason she turned down involvement with the new American, British, Australian military pact is the spectacularly ignorant reason that Australia is building a fleet of submarines, sinfully powered by nuclear energy. It’s unbelievable, demonstrating spell-binding ignorance. She should note that the founder of Greenpeace has devoted his life to promoting nuclear power, solely for environmental reasons. As it subsequently transpired, far from turning down the new military alliance with Australia, Britain and the USA, we weren’t asked. Thank God for that as any money spent on militarism is wasted money.


Well done to Farmers for telling their staff if they want to pretend to work from home one day a week, they won’t be paid for that day.

I’m wasting my time of course but a realistic government would say the same to public servants, particularly in the capital, most indulging themselves staying home five days a week in our government induced fear-ridden society.

Note, the latest country to join the ranks of adults in charge governments is Norway. They’ve announced no further covid restraints. Then again, being competent they’ve vaccinated everyone who wants to be vaccinated. Those who don’t can take their chances but not hold the nation to ransom, as is happening here with South Auckland maoris.



My love of golf keeps me going. Would you like a round – my shout.

Agree NZ has always had a small minded, easy to manipulate population and that’s not at surprising due to our isolation. At the moment we also have a very left wing media, bought by the government with tax payers money, that is taking advantage of our naivety and praising its employer ( the government) for its brilliant handling of the Covid situation
Meanwhile we are quickly going broke and for a small nation like New Zealand, it will have dire consequences in the long term

    The watch and wait strategy appears to have blown up in Auntie Arderns face.

    She might be an excellent communicator, but clearly out to lunch on the business front. The banks are now turning the screws with increasing interest rates, which is likely to confine her to the dust bin..

    One only hopes a capable business person politician with some steel to rein in the vertical supply chain monopolies appears from the mist, to bring down the cost of living in this country which is outrageous,

Hi Bob,
I wholeheartedly agree with your comments.
We are currently locked out of NZ in Queensland and it is mind blowing to see NZ from a completely different perspective and to have access to news from more than one source that hasn’t been censored by the government subsidised NZ press.
We are trapped in Australia and cannot return even though we have been in an area without Covid, are fully vaccinated and could easily self isolate in our Apartment in NZ.
The MIQ system is a corrupt disaster, as is our handling of the complete Covid response.

    Similar here. Fully vaccinated, in a regional Vic town where there were no cases (up to this week). Trying to visit sick elderly relatives in Chch. Can’t fathom why I’m locked out? Im not going anywhere near Auckland etc.
    Also-Agreed-Its quite eye opening seeing NZ from the outside.

We seem determined to confuse clean nuclear energy generation with blowing up the entire planet from nuclear weapons
Mention the word nuclear and our politicians seem to think this is blasphemy. Nuclear electricity and nuclear powered ships or submarines have nothing to do with Hiroshima 2

Nothing of which you complain will change until and unless New Zealand becomes a The political system does not truly understand or support entrepreneurism, risk-taking and the innovation it spawns. All economic incentives support a quiet, measured, predictable life. Only a bastard as driven as you are can overcome these obstacles. I couldn’t do it. I had to leave 50 years ago to make my life and fortune. This is the greatest challenge faced by the country of my birth.

frederickwilliscroft September 27, 2021 at 5:48 pm

I am pleased you mention the Guardian, I was bewildered when recently I read the headline “Against all odds: how New Zealand is bending the Delta curve”. It was just a puff piece lauding our Govt and had the usual suspects – Michael Baker, Jacinda Ardern, Siouxsie Wiles, Shaun Hendy. Sycophantic nonsense.

I note outrage at John Key for using the term “smug hermit kingdom” and comparing us to North Korea.

The execrable Tim Roxborogh on Newstalk ZB was grossly offended at describing us as smug. You only have to listen to Jacinda Adern. many of the Govt , most media and the small town syndrome people who are forever gloating at how well we are doing & sneering at other countries
As for North Korea, Roxborogh and a Stuff writer have gone to great pains to tell us the difference between North Korea and NZ as if John Key wasn’t aware of this. They obviously took his comments literally and don’t have the wherewithal to see that he was using dramatic licence to make his point.

Interesting to note the government subsidised media trashing the (very lucid and sensible) comments from John Key.

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