The Hawkes Bay Today newspaper has revealed another previously unknown human right.

Quoting a local woman who has discovered one of mankind’s oldest and now (since the invention of money) utterly redundant concepts, namely in her case people swapping home grown vegetables for goods and services, she told the newspaper, “Everyone has the right to fresh and healthy food”.

I’ll bet that’s a new one for the ridiculous Human Rights Commission to add to their lengthy list.

The fact is no-one has ever had such a right. What next I wonder? Perhaps the right to own a zebra.


I’m beginning to think that there are no human ‘rights’ – maybe only that to exist?

That will see the cost of Zebras sky rocket and become unaffordable for the average New Zealander (or should that be Aotearoan?)

I’m going with this… The right to own a successful Hamster

I regularly feed a four-long NZ Native Longfin eel named Elvira in the big stream over my back fence. She could be a source of food – except that she’s too beautiful a creature to eat, & that Native Longfin eels (nga tuna) are protected in all of Wellington’s waterways.

But I don’t have a right to own her. I just borrow some of her time & enjoy the delight she brings me,

I can’t see why everyone should have the right to own a zebra, when a bandycoot takes up so much less space.

We have no rights, only privileges, and they are earned

I want a zebra!!

Welcome to the Lala land of the loopy left. They’re probably ‘outraged’ too. FFS

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