For those of you thoroughly fed-up with Jacinda’s indulgent hogging of television, feel for long suffering Victorians.

The state Premier Daniel Andrews, is right up there with Castro for hours long daily television monologues on covid. At least Castro inserted some emotion into his tirades whereas Andrews’ typical Victorian nasal droning qualifies him as probably the most boring blow-hard in Australian political history.

With justification Australia can claim to be the world’s greatest sporting nation. Imagine if the IOC introduced being a crashing bore as an Olympic event. Such would be Andrews repeated gold medal successes he’d quickly surpass Bradman as the nation’s all-time greatest sportsman.


Well said Bob, the current environment feels like 25 years ago when I was In Indonesia watching a movie in my hotel room. Halfway through watching, one of the biggest blowhards in history President Suharto would appear out of nowhere on my television screen doing a ranting speech. When I tried to change channels he was on every local station, I never thought that sort of thing would ever happen here.

I am one of said “long suffering Victorians”. (Ex Chch) Dan Andrews did vanish from screens for a while after falling down some steps & injuring his back. A collection was taken up and we are planning to build a new staircase every month.

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