Goldman Sachs has ordered its 6000 UK workforce to return to their offices full-time and cease exploiting the work from home two days a week outdated policy. Outdated as unlike New Zealand, anyone in Britain not vaccinated, is because they chose not to be, vaccinations being readily available.

By way of example, a couple of months back, one of my daughters shot over to stay in my Glasgow home. The next morning she joyously bowled down that hugely entertaining city’s main pedestrian street and encountered an open vaccination centre.

Spotting her a nurse asked if she wanted to be vaccinated. She said she had been double vaccinated three months ago in Sydney. “Roll your sleeve up”, the nurse said and gave her a booster, all this inside a minute.

Compare that with the palaver here; the blatant lies about first in the queue, the “team of 5 million” mush (the country has never been more divided in my experience, thanks to the relentless government inspired maori wonderfulness rot and favouritism) the infantile “Be Kind” messages and hopeless all round incompetence. We need grown-ups in charge and an end to daily Prime Ministerial television show-ponyism. The government should order the capital’s public service slackers back to work. I exclude the specialist state agencies many of which are over-burdened through staff shortages.

I know four people who are planning shifts to Europe to live in countries run by grown-ups with a balanced view on covid, until such time as sanity is restored here.

The covid death toll in America and Britain is almost totally confined to half-wits who refuse to be vaccinated, despite their ready availability. That’s simply applied Darwinism and a good thing. But otherwise normal life goes on without creating hermit existences. We will pay a heavy economic price for the current administrative fear-mongering and ineptitude in the years ahead.


My mate in Sydney said to me months ago the problem there was in Western suburbs, amongst the immigrant and low soci economic areas .They had big family groups living in crowded conditions and they couldn’t stop Delta spreading. I just wish our government had a way of some how phoning or seeing data and information from other countries, wherein it would become blinding obvious to a half wit what would occur here. This government are experts at making the simple complex and adding ad hoc crisis management on top. Another couple weeks of this and there will be a backlash from fed up middle class Aucklanders who not only pay taxes that go to the dole for many of the current crop of delta spreaders but have to put up with the cost of drugs the gang portion sell into the communities. Being kind will wear thin very shortly is my guess.

    Yes thats true. Many (not all) of the recent NSW and Vic outbreaks were fuelled by unvaccinated large immigrant families & schools getting together. It was interesting watching the Politicans bend over backwards to avoid saying so, but the news media didn’t much care and pointed out the problem.
    To get around the inevitable cry of racism, the government promptly employed “researchers” from University to do “studies” in immigrant neighbourhoods about language & cultural barriers blah blah blah. (Note that half Australia’s doctors are from the same countries, but not the same communities, which made it all a bit silly)

    I can’t see much good news ahead for NZ. If the UK and the USA are already finding it hard to get back to a “normal” life through a lack of staff and fuel-heaven help NZ who are miles and miles behind. Watch for a mass exodus to Australia.

Bah, said the sheep in unison.

Just sold one of my buildings and will be heading for France for six months minimum until this country sorts itself out…

Bob, can you please write a clear article on why long-term testing doesn’t matter, in radical vaccine development?

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