The media reported a hikoi, translated as a march and described as a “Protest of Truth”, making its way to Auckland from Rotorua, on its way to Northland.

My immediate reaction was such a trek would be a very good thing to help maoridom’s obesity problem but alas, further details revealed the “march” was occurring riding in cars and a bus. Am I surprised? NO, NO, NO.


Sir Bob, I am amazed that without resort to “media” some 1000 folk arrive at Waitangi and another 100 or so at Mercer to protest but it is impossible to get these same folk (well some of them) to a vaccination centre? What secret communication system are we unaware of? Tap in to that and the unvaccinated would reduce overnight.

Ha ha good one SB.
Amazing that the average kiwi will see irony, and yet our highly educated 4th estate girls will pretend not to understand what you mean and raise their noses even higher.

Of course it’s not just a Maori obesity problem, just look around… But the humour is perfect, the modern rollathon 🙂

Add the vax to KFC, Meth, Tofu and craft beer, Job done. 100% vaxed within 3 days.

Maybe we should let them set up their own health system…

Imagine that?

When you are already sucking on the teat of the taxpayer, we might as well take it to the next level.

Who knows, it might be the solution we are all looking for.

All of the publicised so called hikoi have been like that. From Dame Whina Cooper to now, the only marching was through any town they arrived at, then riding in buses and cars to the next town. The media never reports this.

These protesters must have very generous employers giving them time off work for such a noble cause

Ministry of social development?

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