There’s no doubt Garrick is the nation’s best cartoonist by a country mile.

I have insufficient knowledge of the contentious water issue to comment on its merits.

What I can say is the unbelievable racist management structure proposed, specifically that half the Board members should be maori. Why? We are not told.


15% MAORI DOES NOT = 50% !!!

I imagine that over the years SRJ and companies have paid substantial rates?
Ratepayers own the water systems of the Councils. Ratepayers built and paid for them.
(Drinking, Storm and Waste waters hence 3 waters).
Labour intends to take these from Councils without Council or Ratepayer consent and “centralise” their management. Plainly it is a precursor to gifting them to tribes-hence the absurd board structure.
Its daylight robbery but as most people aren’t interested in this type of dry (no pun intended) local body management it’s not causing the kind of uproar it should.
Winston Peters seems to be the only one making any noise about it, and “Stuff” are already attacking him.
Its like and extra chapter from Animal Farm.

Sir Bob, the answer is easy. A tiny minority of New Zealanders blessed with a smidgen of Maori ancestry, and a few woke non-Maori apologists, are holding the nation’s feet to a very uncomfortable flame. Soon the nation will turn on them, because in the modern multi-cultural world there is no place for racial preference in any social or political domain. I suspect Winston will ride into the battle and win back another term as king- or queen-maker as he is the only politician calling out the racist hatred emanating from the Beehive lately.

Yet for all the detail Nanaia chose to give in her parliamentary release;, Maori (Iwi) are only referenced twice with no attempt to justify their inclusion. Quite sure she/Labour would not countenance the suggestion they do exactly what they intend to do anyway but without Maori, who don’t appear to be contributing, only gaining from inclusion. They might actually get a decent level of support for the plan if Maori weren’t included, versus wholesale scepticism.

Its what happens where your caucus is populated by vested interests.

The reality is local councils are staved of income. As an example, most still have to pay 50% of roading maintenance, when central government collects all the revenue from fuel taxes.

Cross subsidisation for the poor ratepayer is everywhere. And the reality is growth doesnt pay for growth, as big developers know how to work the system.

What is fundamentally wrong however, is the ability of Councils to loan money. It would be alright if the cost of funds was less than the return on assets, but is clearly not and the only winners are the loan sharks.

Further any assets that had the ability to generate a return over and above the cost of finance they continue sell off. Thankfully Christchurch didnt take the bait that John Key lobbied them for more sales to his mates. Where they went wrong is the under insured nature of their assets, organised between two brothers who are now living in a drain pipe somewhere else.

Dear Mr Jones. A belated thanks for getting rid of Muldoon. Can you please lead a campaign to get rid of Ardern. She is probably as dangerous. I dont like the alternatives yet the I would be an activist for the ABA party [Anyone But Ardern] .

Why a racist management structure?

Because this is a Govt of ex student activists and trade unionists for whom virtue signalling is a substitute for actual achievement (buildings constructed, people housed, deprivation reduced).

And it earns Brownie points at the United Nations, warming the trough for future careers.

What’s not to like?

Iwi are to be ” gifted ” 50 % of the water assets stolen from local governments … which makes them accessories in this crime , knowing they’re recipients of purloined goods … are they willing to stump up half of Mahuta’s estimated $ 185 billion needed to put the shiny glow back on those tarnished 3 waters assets ?

Hello Sir Bob, what do you think of the idea of setting up a radio station to broadcast the TRUTH rather than propaganda?
What are your thoughts on this?
Do you have business connections who would be interested in this idea?

    “The Platform” Its coming.
    January 22.
    Sean Plunket and other reasonable Kiwi’s behind it apparently.

    They could probably do with some backing. Oh I know . What about a grant from the Broadcasting Commission.

It is well planned robbery alright,as if one is to object they are put down as being racist.

Thats a great idea Stephanie Fallows,and should broadcast only in the English language.

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