A Chinese migrant couple have been denied New Zealand residency, allegedly as “an enduring national security risk”, and because “they may seek to assist the PRCIS (People’s Republic of China Intelligence Service) again”, this according to the idiotic Immigration Department. With their two children they arrived and set up a business in 1916 and have apparently gone overboard to establish their credentials, but to no avail.

Their past contact with the PRCIS before migrating, was employment by a private company in China established to assist overseas employees obtain visas to enter the country. With the mass movement of people in recent years, this is a fairly conventional activity, indeed my company’s Glasgow portfolio includes an office block in which a sizeable tenancy is a private company carrying out this function on behalf of the Government to deal with aspiring migrants.

This decision is ludicrous. For a start, what possible secrets or information could one convey to China that’s harmful to our insignificant country? It’s yet another example of our embarrassing widespread belief that the whole world is in awe of us, never better illustrated than with Covid. Last week a daughter in Britain told me she’s stopped mentioning her New Zealand connection because of the mocking it now induces over our infantile approach to the virus.

This Chinese family incident brings to mind one nearly four decades back. At the time the Soviet Ambassador and his stunning Russian wife were a very popular couple in the capital. His dinner parties were always a hoot. I formed the impression that having copped insignificant New Zealand they thought they might as well make the best of it and enjoy themselves. For example, he once turned up at a party in my home in a 19th Century Tsarist era General’s uniform.

My abiding memory was meeting his newly arrived Press officer. This fellow was in a high state of excitement and told me he’d spent years trying to wangle the position. Why? Because he was a passionate fly fisherman and with justification back then, viewed Taupo as the world’s trout-fishing Mecca. A month later he called me heartbroken to see if I could help. It transpired that our then notoriously farcical Security Service had banned him visiting Taupo (brace yourself) because he would drive through Waiouru. He’d offered to fly up and back but to no avail for fear he might sneak down in a rental car and spy on our tinpot army. I’m not making this up.

I’ve spent half of the last six decades abroad. Was it not for my passion for fly-fishing (since abandoned on cruelty grounds), I would have left New Zealand half a century ago for more exciting pastures, as indeed a tenth of our population have done. Such a global existence as I’ve had kills any nationalistic sentiment and in its place one treats different people as members of a single entity, namely the human race. Basically, people have a great deal more in common than differences.

You only live once and by any measure New Zealand is a relatively boring country, thus my constant travels. Nevertheless, I’ve stuck it out for the last two Covid years as reading, writing, playing golf and tennis etc have been beneficial for my recent years health problems, but by God, enough is enough.

Along with my key senior management and their families, we’re all out of here early next year and will only return when grown-ups are in charge. These colleagues I suspect may never return, and will open branches abroad.

But back to the Chinese couple. As I’ve frequently written, the Asian migration of the past three decades has been the best thing by a country mile, ever to have happened to New Zealand.

They’re industrious and independent and I shudder at the thought of the state we’d be in had they not come, given the cost of the sizeable sector of our population who view a parasitical welfare existence at the expense of others as a career choice, and of course, needless to say, a natural human right.

New Zealand, like every country outside of Africa, is not reproducing itself.

Within five years there will be huge international competition for migrants. Our geographic isolation will mainly appeal to cautious types of the school-teacher and Public service ilk of which we already have a surplus. What we need are more Chinese, Koreans, Thais and such-like, all proven fantastic migrants, plus a never to be under-estimated bonus, namely their beautiful women.

New Zealand desperately needs a visionary government, not the least to deal with the massive financial debt legacy the hopelessly out of their depth current administration will be principally remembered for.



Excellent article, Sir Robert,pithy and relevant, in fact the kind of writing one regularly sees in “more grown up”
Alas, as you state elsewhere, weep for NZ, because our largely state funded sycophantic media display very few of the qualities of a traditional,mature fourth estate.

A couple of the points you make are particularly relevant,namely; the seemingly widespread view among Kiwis
that the rest of the world sees us as some kind of awesome,only to be dreamed of,paradise.
Anyone who has lived and worked outside of NZ knows that this view of New Zealand is well wide of the mark,
particularly in this covid era, where the Ardern Govt’s stance is being increasingly mocked.

Also,you note the urgent requirement of a visionary government, one which would hopefully realise that
when deep in a hole,the first thing to do is stop digging.No signs of this either.
However from a personal
point of view,the most discouraging aspect of all this,is the large number of Kiwis–perhaps the aforementioned
school teachers and civil servants–who seem to be onboard with this Jacinda knows best nonsense.

When overseas I have often had to say to people that NZ looks better the further away you are.

I happily recall my wife snapping at someone who had the temerity to call her ” Asian ” …. ” I’m not Asian … I’m from the Philippines ! ” … and that’s the truth , we’re all immigrants from some other part of the world …. Maori , Pakeha … everyone … tear down this MIQ wall , Ardern .. tear it down … we need to open , to welcome , to engage with the wider world … Let’s do this !

Great post. More generally with Covid the rules about who can enter are puzzling. You would think with the success of Devon Conway and Neil Wagner we would have welcomed with open arms a former captain of the South African under 19 side who had averaged over 50 in the Plunket Shield before he made the mistake of visiting home early last year.

He hasn’t been allowed back despite the Highlanders and several domestic basketball sides being allowed to bring in overseas players. He had committed to the Black Caps too.

Can’t wait to leave this test tube of a country next year. The place is nuts, distortion of markets and the truth. Year Zero isn’t a place where I want to be. Politics of envy and cultural division is nasty nasty.

Its funny that labour MP’s (if being an MP matters anymore – it doesn’t) all have Norm Kirk pictures behind them in interviews, even Big Norm who drank himself into an early grave and created shocking statutory bodies, would be ashamed to call himself a member of the Labour Party. Apart from the death toll, this lot are no better than the despots of the twentieth century. But then again NZ is a lazy easily led nation, the majority of which are victims of the Ministry of Education, maybe we should all get a 50’inch TV and a free takeaway meal.

Can’t wait to take off and may top dollar to flat in a truely metropolitan city, not a speculators paradise (and not offset my emissions).

Glasgow today is another example of lunacy, as the economy overheats, Shaw talks targets that people losing their livelihoods care little for).

Listening to Lord Haw Haw would be more fun than todays feeble announcements of we have arrested 6 people and are watching you…

I was thinking about why I came back to NZ after literally living the best part of seven years overseas from 1991 to 1998.

I came back because of many things, I missed rugby big time which was what the nation stopped to watch and spent every Saturday afternoon watching. I loved watching cricket at the Basin Reserve, eating cream buns, chocolate dip ice creams, pies and loved our basic way of life which was unique. Watching club rugby, racing and drinking beer as well as the honesty and no nonsense approach of the people. Salt of the Earth nation it was back then, no serious racial issues with Maoris, no Maori tokenism, we all got along. Even upfront politicians like Peters, Lange, Moore and Muldoon. Opinions were encouraged, not now, they’ve become sacrilege.

Unless you live in the likes of a Coromandel beachside town where you can fish and enjoy the basics of what NZ was, life is nothing like it used to be.

It has all changed, the people are like sheep, nobody would have put up with this Adern rubbish we get now in the 1990s. Most of us would have said get stuffed and got on with our lives.

Now it is different, not the unique NZ I knew anymore, neither is our way of life.

Moving overseas seems a far more appealing option now, my two boys are aged 13 and 16. Once both are adults my wife and I are off, luckily I can benefit from a European Union passport so we will live abroad for good and will never return.

Like Bob, and a few other wise people I know, we are leaving NZ in April.

We will have a ” property” presence here in order to get the Government super and claw back the 37% of my life I worked for free (aka income tax)

We are looking at Greece, Malta ( have reciprocal Super arrangements with NZ) Spain Portugal and turkey.

NZ has nothing good to offer anymore. Crime, taxes, rules, wokeness, costs, freedom, .. have all been ruined by this Government in super quick time… And let’s not mention the debt!

The waste this government has created by way of more generations of bludgers, crims, wokesters, greenie morons, and lefty socialist morons, will ultimately morally bankrupt this country and I don’t want to be here when it turns to custard.

To sum up NZ …

“The forest kept shrinking but the trees kept voting for the axe. For the axe was clever and convinced them that since her handle was wood, she was one of them.”

If I were running the immigration policy, I’d also be running road shows in Hong Kong to attract HK Chinese families to this country.

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