The Somali born Moslem fanatic who recently murdered a highly respected British MP will doubtless receive a life imprisonment sentence.

Compare that to the recent case here of a low-life convicted for threatening to murder a National MP. He was “sentenced” to six months home detention.

I’m constantly staggered at the light penalties dished out in New Zealand for murders, serious assaults and other major crimes. It’s overdue for a more punitive approach and such measures, if advanced by a political party, would have a massive electorate appeal.

Consider how often we read of serious cases in which an offender has an incredibly lengthy conviction and past imprisonment record, only to receive a gentle tap on the wrist from the court.

Last week’s Queenstown incident is typical with a brute freely admitting he tried to drown a swimming pool attendant. Why? Because along with others he was swimming in the wrong lane booked for a school party and she was tapping them on the head as they reached the pool end and inviting them to shift across to other lanes. This rubbish claimed it offended his maori mana being touched on the head, thus she must die. The result; ten months home detention.

Is it any wonder these garbage types who have effectively declared war on society, continue to offend. The Police must often wonder why they bother.


Further to this topic, how is so much credibility and acceptance given to our scum gangs, particularly by the crim-loving Labour government?

Words fail me, and this is another clear vote winner where Act should act tough(er) on gangs – once and for all.

Make it legitimately difficult and unappealing for disaffected Maori and Pacifica males to join a gang!

Simple stuff really David Seymour!

    This nonsense from gang members that they joined a gang because they needed a ‘family’ is just that – nonsense.

    Invite and incentivise them to join a club – cricket, boxing, rugby, league, running, tennis, whatever – where they’ll get heaps of family-type atmosphere and camaraderie. If they decline, you’ll better understand their motives in joining the gang and you can then deal with them more appropriately.

    ACT not the answer here unfortunately. David Seymour not equipped to deal with this issue as he views it too simplistically. Its not about making it “difficult” to join a gang, its about making the alternative more appealing, but that’s not about expecting them to be budding sporty types – if that was in their nature they would already be down that road..

Cuddles Coster, under the tender and kind guidance of our illustrious leader is actively encouraging the malcontents through the policy of one law for the law abiding and no law for the gangs.

I gather k davis has emptied 25% of prison inmates, out. What a guy, they must love him… Thinking NZer’s not so much.

This government touches me in the pocket, which offends me greatly. Does that mean I can take action with impunity? Time punishment fitted crime. In another case a women was violently murdered and even on appeal the sentence was only increased to 11 years from 6.

The more the government does for Maori the less they do for themselves. They hate the white man for everything they did to/ for maori (stopping the inter tribal killings, feeding them, healing them, giving them a true language, recording their history, giving them a treaty…) But want the white man to fix their past issues… issues this current generation of part Maori have never experienced.

Anybody ever wondered why Asians come here with nothing and thrive, yet Maori have everything thrown at them and fail ( health,crime, housing)…. Why is The chip on the shoulder getting bigger?…. Easy! The more you pander to their “self inflicted ” issues the more they want!

” Stop giving them fish! Stop giving them fishing rods! and start pointing towards the water”

Time to change the law from reading a maximum sentence to now read a minimum sentence might change the criminal mind before the crime.

If you worry about sentencing in the Courts, have a look in Whangarei where two scumbag women attacked an older lady in her home to steal whatever she had. They bashed her quite viciously to the point where she needed hospital care leaving scars of insecurity for the rest of her life. The lily livered Judge gave a sentence of 6mths home detention saying the two “might” come out of prison worse than they went in. My thought is the other prisoners would have been in danger not those useless pieces of excrement.

    Just utter insanity. This country is just so stupid.
    Punishment is called punishment because shit like that deserve extreme PUNISHMENT.
    The judge has actually punished the society she/he is “supposed” to protect.
    What the hell is going on ?

Months ago I asked Andrew Little if home detention sentences were suspended during Lockdown Levels 3 & 4, to be resumed when we were all out of Govt imposed self prisonment ?
Of course, no response.

The kindest thing we can do for attempted murderers or any other violent offender, is to give them a forced vasectomy. Break the cycle. Wait for wonderful new world to unfold before us, because it then will.

Hear hear.
Jail populations tend to hold up a mirror to the society involved.
NZ with its permanent underclass of inter-generational welfare, lack of male role models, machismo sports culture, domestic violence and excess booze produces these no-hopers as surely as immigrant Asian families produce graduates.
In my late teens I helped organise soccer tournaments that included a team from the Rolleston prison.
It was quickly apparent that these confused & angry young men simply had no opportunity to mature in to decent young men, as they had never encountered a decent sober male outside of corrections.
Breaking out of the in/out cycle of prison is exceptionally difficult.
Despite this-I am actually a supporter of longer prison sentences for violent or repeat offenders. There are any number of reform programmes prior to winding up in Prison, and inmates generally deserve to be there.
Much like SRJ above I see judges handing out short non prison terms and I wonder “Well-what obscenity would then qualify for a maximum sentence?”
Just another nail in the coffin of what used to be a good place to raise a family.
Adios NZ-I can’t say I’ll be back soon.

it appears the judicial system is like any good business, the players all want repeat business, so the sooner the scumbags are out of jail and able to commit more crimes the better the job security. for the tax payer funded people.

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