Stuff, always good for a laugh, report that in three decades of owning a travel agency, a Wellington woman Petra Otte has dealt with “financial crises, terrorist attacks, volcano eruptions and to top it all off, the Covid 19 pandemic”.

This is a huge shift reflecting just how much the political worm is turning.

Hitherto Stuff has claimed it was Jacinda who achieved all these feats, telling the volcano to knock it off and so on.

If that’s not a big enough shock Stuff have twice referred to New Zealand instead of the fictional alternative. A month ago that was a sacking offence.

Be that as it may surely the public are entitled to know was it Jacinda or Petra who achieved these marvels before we erect statues to the wrong woman. One of them is clearly an imposter.


If you want a good laugh read Verity Johnson’s Opinion pieces on Stuff.

Stuff has no peers as purveyors of drivel protected by its “safe space” from criticism or ridicule. Eventually its supporters will realise the damage done by its protection of this incompetent now hopelessly dithering government.

If Stuff are starting to feel a chilly wind of change emerging, just imagine what the Labour Caucus, excepting their Maori Caucus of course, are thinking. Providing Ideologues are ever sensitive to change that is!

As the Chinese say “when one senses a change in the winds, its better to build a windmill than a windbreak”
If Stuff have suddenly woken up (more woke than woken?) to Labour losing the next election-then its time to start sucking up to the government in waiting…now…if only we had one…

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