A ragtag parade of several thousand hit the capital yesterday, led by an intellectual wing, namely the nation’s greatest losers; maori gang motor-cyclists with their collective bravery in numbers to provide reassurance that they’re tough buggers. Tough buggers stand on their own feet and don’t rely on being part of a mob.

The PM said this protest and others elsewhere that day didn’t reflect the majority view. I’m not so sure.

She should be mindful of a splendid piece of writing by Verity Johnson in Stuff media the same day. Verity’s message to the PM, was the nation has now lost faith in her face-screwing, arm-waving assurances on so many things, none of which have come to pass, and everyone is utterly fed-up with the excessive despotism underlying this government’s actions. This is an age-old natural progression for left-wing governments, namely to grow increasingly arrogant and take ever more control over people’s lives.

The worst of course were the Soviet Union and Mao’s China but today, survey the wreckage of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, North Korea et al, all of this “for the benefit of the people”. Obviously we’re not at those stages yet but telling South Islanders for example, that they must stay under their beds until Jacinda decides otherwise, notwithstanding the total absence of any need for such controls there, reflects a dictatorial mind-set that’s unacceptable in a western democracy. As I wrote two days ago; the bigger they are, the harder they fall and such is the seething anger everywhere, this government is history in the next election.


Watch the Tax Payer Union podcast with Mahuta. For the 20 Labour MP’s who will lose their seat.
Yesterday’s rally was not a demonstration. Bikie burnouts Really

    Your thoughts about the 20 Labour MPs loosing their seats at the next election are possibly generated by your dreams of a great National comeback. The current polls would seem to indicate that they will flounder at the next election under their current leadership, even if she indicates that she would “ crush “ everything.
    And as for the bleating from both Act and National about their “ Three Strikes “ legislation being revoked, was it working? Most likely not. Incarceration does not solve criminality.

      Dear John-Incarceration is basically the only thing that DOES solve criminality and I suggest that you explain to the readers how a recidivist criminal locked up in jail can continue on a career of crime? The tone of your comments suggests that you are not much for the conservatives-in which case prepare yourself for a shock at the next election.

Whilst I sympathise with the sentiments, I am not so sure about the conclusion that this Government is toast at the next election. Remember that he who robs Peter to pay Paul, can always rely on the vote of Paul.

Which is worse, the hypocrisy of “be kind” while being utterly selfish in shutting down the country at enormous financial and personal cost to many thousands of unfortunates? Or the craziness of hammering the unprotected for failing to protect the protected? Or just the hopeless dithering which leaves everyone unable to plan anything or get on with their lives?

The typical response by leftists to the countries you point to is: “yeah, but that wasn’t real socialism”. If that was not “real socialism” I would hate to see the real thing. Our fearful leader (of crowds and awkward questions) claimed yesterday that the protesters “didn’t represent the vast bulk of NZers”. They don’t have to. If there is a sufficient number of people who have had enough of glorified home detention, she and her government are in trouble in 2023. There are many UN-driven agendas at play here. Limiting the movement of “the little people” as a misguided mitigation for “climate change”. Taxing and legislating people they don’t like (farmers, small business owners, people capable of individual thought) into oblivion. Tracking and controlling the population along the lines of CCP “social credit score” measures. Fortunately, as the Greeks used to say: hubris leads to nemesis. Selah.

I am double vaxed and wish I could have been there to protest at the dictatorial approach of this Government to almost everything – no discussion or input needed as the nanny state know best. The tide has turned for Mary Poppins

I’m not sure I have ever seen a more out of touch politician.
The South Island in particular is full of frustration and bafflement. Imagine how Auckland would react if a case in Invercargill meant an Auckland lockdown?
The only reason the protests aren’t larger is most other people are generally law abiding.

    And probably still thinking….’ why the hell did I vote for her?’. Labour polled a lot higher than anticipated in the south Island last year….so you reap what you sow. Lesson learned?

Salient comments

Ah, but the replacement?

God I sooooooo hope so!!

Just a bugger we have to wait another 2 years…

It’s just a shame the next election isn’t taking place this weekend; we have to wait nearly 2 years, alas….

I am not so sure that Jacinda will make it to the next election. I am picking that she will either resign or call a snap election.

    I agree. I’m sure there must be some sane people in the Labour caucus and once they realise they’re all toast at the next election, the leadership coup to put an end to this insanity will surely come sooner rather than later.

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