Go back a decade, or even only five years and newspaper story after story assured us we’d all be in driverless cars by 2020. As my company receives about $25million annually from car-parks in our office buildings I grilled my CEO on ideas for using all of this space, given it’s mostly sub-terranean. For my troubles I copped an earful about my naivete re newspaper and purported “expert” speculations about the future.

We should bear that in mind re Covid. I certainly don’t make light of it but sufficient time has elapsed to see that many purported expert claims of tens of thousands of deaths in New Zealand were totally over the top. It still goes on. In Britain and some other countries there were some particularly outlandish “expert” forecasts, subsequently proven to be hog-wash.

A German “expert” last week forecast 100,000 German deaths from Covid this winter, given the predicted soaring seasonal figures of infection. Does anyone believe that? But it made this fellow world news.

There’s another dimension to this. Early this century I was persuaded to be a dragon in the New Zealand Dragon Den series, in the event, an enormous waste of my time. What fascinated me was how many people came in who were plainly intelligent but advanced propositions that were simply stupid.

I raised this with the producer and fellow “Dragon” Julie Christie, now Dame Julie. She specialises in making light entertainment TV programmes which involve the public making asses of themselves of the Married At First Sight ilk.

She told me people will crawl over broken glass to be on television, regardless of the humiliation. We see that particularly with American television, with experts interviewed on some topic and saying “thankyou for having me”.

Or again in America with a Police chief or politician discussing a major event with a dozen lackies lined up behind.

Watch Antique Roadshow. An expert is explaining the background of something someone has brought in while 50 people who can’t see the object or hear the explanation, crowd in the background simply to be on camera. I suspect this television publicity appeal has been a huge factor through the last two years Covid crisis.

What Covid flushed up in hitherto hidden away university obscurity, were numerous health academics. Suddenly they were in the limelight and what keeps them there is repeated doomsday forecasts. Does anyone doubt that the sainted Ashley has not gone home and his wife said, “Margaret rang and said she thought the blue tie today looked smart” and so on? Here’s a mousy figure, heading a Department notorious for its incompetence, as indeed was pointed out last week by the Audit Department, and suddenly he’s in the limelight and a national hero. All very addictive and an incentive to keep up his totally unnecessary appearances.

The public is now plainly fed-up with the hyperbole and Jacinda, with good political antennae, has sensed this and ceased her absurd daily Covid announcements, more so as her previous Joan of Arc saviour role is exposed for the nonsense it always was, such as her much vaunted amazing feat of telling the White Island volcano to stop being a naughty boy.

Consider the last election. At the time the voters were understandably terrified of the unknown and hiding under their beds, the “experts” having inferred we were all going to die otherwise. So daily they anxiously watched the Prime Minister’s Covid broadcasts with basically nothing to report, after all Jacinda had already saved us through elimination, all this throughout the election period. In my view that was a gross abuse of the electoral process and explained the massive Labour victory.

Give me a third of that unprecedented television exposure during an election to promote a flat earth political movement and I’d garner at least 10% support.

I repeat; I certainly don’t make light of Covid but it still requires a more balanced approach than we have endured. Today the media report one to two hundred cases daily in New Zealand, plus the occasional death and it’s relegated to a small single newspaper single column. The seemingly daily murders and road deaths are surely much more alarming.

On this Blog in March last year I predicted that when it’s all done and dusted, Sweden’s practical approach of learning to live with Covid, but with sensible precautions, will ultimately be proven to be the wise one.

There’s another year to go before the “done and dusted” point is reached, specifically when Africa has been vaccinated. Nevertheless, readers abreast of the news will be aware of the figures released a week ago showing that Sweden is now looking like one of the best performing European nations re Covid, and all without wrecking its economy and people’s lives.


I so enjoy reading your articles Bob. As usual well written and “ right on the nose”.

Snap, Sir Bob. Just this morning, Dr Bloomfield with the NZ Police Association have shown we can now fix the “seemingly daily murders” you mention, in “Official: Covid-19 more deadly than bullets” https://www.effectiveaml.org/covid-deadlier-than-bullets/

I’m not sure Africa (a pretty big place) will have a Covid crisis. The virus has been there for two years now. Also, like India (specifically Uttar Pradesh) African countries make use of cheap effective early treatment. The US medical process is to wait until a disease infection is serious and then seek medical help (cost reasons, I presume) by which time there is a serious problem. I remember seeing signs locally saying don’t visit a pharmacy if you felt sick, that’s the only time I do! Also obesity in Africa doesn’t seem to have reached US/European levels..Even NZ, years ago Kaikoura was the whale watching destination, now you can go whale watching in the Waikato!

‘Thank-you for having me’ is certainly not limited to Americans. Indeed, I’d say NZers are right up there with that dopey cliche. I’d say we are probably leading the world with ‘to be fair’ and ‘the reality is’ also; both clauses that seldom make any difference to the rest of the sentence.

Good points that, to be fair, have been made by quite a few people since the start of this pandemic.

With regard to Bloomfield, his counterpart in the US is the execrable Dr Fauci. As I wrote in this post at No Minister, Great! Now fire Fauci:

The guy has been in charge for thirty seven years, more than three times as long as any other Director. He’s the J Edgar Hoover of NIAD. He stopped being a doctor and joined the Federal bureaucracy in 1968: he is now eighty years old and the highest paid person in the US Federal government.

He also loves the media attention he’s gotten in the last two years, even when he simply contradicts himself as he has on masks, or made forecasts that have simply turned out to be wrong, such as his predictions in 2020 that finally opening up baseball games would be “super-spreader” events.

He’ll never have it so good again, which is why he’ll never quit and has no shame.

One last thing, I’ve put up a post on proposed topics and questions that I think can only be addressed by a Royal Commission on Covid-19. If you have any suggested topics or questions that I’ve missed feel free to comment. At best it won’t happen until 2024 in a (hopefully) post-Labour government world.

𝕠𝓬éA𝐍Ẹ November 22, 2021 at 12:07 am

I always have loved your style and he way you are straight to the point. Thank you for your thoughts.

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