For nigh on 35 years of televised cricket, a highly important tradition has prevailed world-wide and miraculously escaped the attention of wokists.

That is for a spotter to be permanently deployed to constantly survey the crowd and search for pretty girls. Once located the cameras are swung on to her or them, as the case may be, which of course with the time lapses between balls being bowled, cricket allows.

During the Pakistan – Australian match last week they settled on one pretty Pakistan girl for well over a minute, surely a new record.

The best cricket commentator we’ve ever had was former Test batsman John Morrison. He humanised the game with his no-nonsense truth-telling. I treasure the memory of the cameras between overs in a test, showing the two batsmen convening in mid-pitch.

“I suppose viewers assume they’re discussing tactics”, John said. “Let me assure you they’re not. From my experience almost certainly the sole purpose of the meeting will be to say something like, 3rd row down, five in from the left side of stand”. In other words one of them has spotted a pretty girl and is spreading the good news.

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Haha great man that John Morrison
Wellington would be a much better place if he was mayor as he should of been

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