“WANT TO SAVE THE PLANET? Give up Junk Food, booze and coffee”  

The above, a ludicrous heading on the Stuff site.

The planet is not at threat for God’s sake. In its many million years of existence it’s gone through hot periods, ice-ages and other extreme weather events. The global warming concerns solely affect human existence and its traditional patterns.

The left constantly trot out this nonsense about the planet’s survival at stake.

The political right, by nature positive, correctly talk of the ability of science to tackle global warming to maintain our materially progressive ambitions.

I’ll write a lengthy piece about this next week.


A great article by Matt Burgess today from The NZ Initiative

Someone once said, and I cant recall who, “When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe nothing, they believe in anything”.
Climate Change is just another form of Millenarianism.
Its happened many times through the ages and now its back again.
These people are just nutters.
Here’s an amusing clip of Dr David Starkey, noted Historian talking about Greta.

Its the political left that wants to ‘save the planet’. The rest of us are well aware that as life on planet earth started from nothing and is likely to end at nothing in evolutionary terms – nothing lasts for ever. I just hope I’m as good as dead in a comfortable bed before the place evaporates.

It is the stupidity of the media obsessed, so called scientists, who do straight line projections and dont allow for the great human innovation.

Just look back at impact of mobile phones, 3g, 4g 5g
Before the smart phone media were talking about just better old fashioned phones

How we will run out of lithium for batteries to produce a gazillion electric vehicles.
Guess what they have cracked the technology for ?sodium? based batteries

So many examples of media obsession. It too will pass(global warming fanaticism)

Seeing as most Stuff articles refer to a mythical place called Aotearoa, and never mention New Zealand, which does actually exist, I never place any credence in anything written there. Usually the constant begging for money puts me off anyway.

I am really looking forward to your next Sir Bob. It is sad hearing kids talk so negatively about ‘climate’.

Climate change, global warming, whatever descriptor has been with us since birth; the older and I hope wiser we get the more accepting of this natural cycle we are. Little Greta from Sweden will sometime evolve to that.
We humanoid Earth dwellers will easily adapt to this as evidenced by our predecessors of the past millenia.
Our full attention should be to controlling man created pollution; that is what threatens us most.
Think nano plastics in the food chain, toxins in the water ways and garbage islands in the oceans.
Perhaps class actions against the multinational junk food and soda pop manufacturers for their massive environmental and bodily pollution as the cigarette manufacturers faced a few decades back would help to shape the anti pollution narrative and deliver on that, than walk the dream of climate change over most of which we have no control?

Any planet without booze, coffee and the ocassional bit of comfort food probably isn’t worth saving…

Can anybody tell me when Earth’s climate was stable ?
Any period plus/minus a thousand years will do.

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