Political ambition puzzles me. Why people crave to boss others about is beyond my comprehension and utterly alien to my own senses. Nevertheless, it’s a reality.

I exclude those who pursue reform agendas of one sort or another although am still wary of idealogues and obsessives.

I always puzzled as to what motivated Judith given the constant derision. It certainly wasn’t any reform agenda but, seemingly like most, if not all of her colleagues, simply personal ambition.

Nevertheless, despite the constant polling humiliation she boxed on and her ignominious exit revealed how out of touch she’d become.

Raising the trivial incident about Bridges years ago was a suicidal act, plainly lost on her. As the Herald’s Claire Trevitt wrote as soon as it became public, she’d be gone by lunch-time and so she was.

Politicians live in a bubble, only touching base, that is mixing meaningfully with the hoi polloi, during election campaigns. Then it’s back to back-stabbing, plotting and scheming.

Mike Moore in his distinctly unique honesty, summed it up brilliantly when he once said of Parliamentary life, “My political opponents face me, my political enemies sit behind me”.

My God, he was right.

Garrick Tremain’s take on Judith’s demise.


Mmmm…I could never figure out why ‘Crusher’ gave Labour such a soft ride. I am sure your blog flowers would be interested in your thoughts on this…

… I’m glad she’s gone … Judith placed personal ambition ahead of her party’s needs … on a day when the Gnats ought to have been feasting on the monumental stuff up which was Arderns MIQ announcements … Labour has stolen our Christmas … all eyes were diverted to Collins & her stupid behaviour … Jacinda must’ve been overjoyed … David Seymour too …

A job is not all about the money, and she knew she was going to be replaced before the election. May be she’d had enough of the job, and just decided to take out Bridges with her.

Hopefully she has, because Bridges arrogance needs to be put in place. National is a sad state of affairs when they have to rely on him as a front person.

God knows why the Tauranga people keep voting for him.

Perhaps she may be smarter than the appearances would have us believe and are the slippery fingers of Key,Goodfellow and Luxton entwined in this resulting in burning Bridges -Politicians are a slippery lot after all

We should all know exactly who politicians are, because we put up with them from the age of five.

80% of them are basically just schoolteachers. They are totally at home with telling children (er, that’s how they see us) what to do. They know best.

Crusher was not given a voice or light of day as Jacinda had brought the media simple as that

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