Garrick is absolutely spot-on with this effort. The Nats, hand in hand with ACT and NZ FIRST will coast in to office by default in the next election.

A major factor will be the government’s outrageous apartheid policies which Winston will certainly hammer. But boldness and National are not bed-fellows, their electoral success as always, resting on a public craving for stability reflected by their “just minding the shop” passivity to public office.


Leave it to Winston..Then they Iwi mafia cant play the race card..

He is now more of a chance he will go with the Nats, now that Paula Bennett has gone. Her attempts being Auckland Mayor will fail also, because she likes the sound of her own voice too much…

My pick is Bridges wont make Finance Minister either, with Luxon smart enough to recognise positions are only temporary.

Sad we’ll have to put up with the current lot for another 20 months, who will continue to struggle with deteriorating finances as they impose more costs on small business. Their biggest problem being they rely on advice from the big accounting firms who interests are in maintaining the status quo. Without real life business experience, how could we expect more.

Yes, a bit of clarity, at the very least, would be good. National do have the luxury of having Act do the heavy lifting on this though.

They really are pathetic, aren’t they? more concerned about being sneered at by Labour party staffers in the bar at Parliament than in doing the right thing for the country – and their supporters. They’re a weak lot; spineless; feeble.

What would be more honest is if National went into coalition with……Labour. They are not so much tweedledum and tweedledee as siamese twins. Agree on absolutely everything (oh yes they secretly do!) and find the concerns of middle New Zealand about socialism and apartheid confusing and bizarre.

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