On Sunday Sky News ran a ridiculous item along the bottom of their Australian news service, specifically,

“Western Australia to strengthen the border with Queensland.”

Given Western Australia and Queensland are 1400 miles apart this will be a remarkable achievement to behold.

Of course we know what they mean, specifically Western Australia is to toughen access by Queenslanders. So why not say so instead of writing nonsense.

I attack the media for such blunders given their self-appointed role to hold everyone else to account for incompetence, rather than simply report the news.


It’s par for the course with Sky News Australia; “incompetence” doesn’t being to describe them. It is similar to their claims the ALP could actually win the federal election next year – instead of Scott Morrison ending up with a majority of 18 to 20 (as is more likely).

… I had an image in my mind of South Australia and the Northern Territory being squished up , concertinaed , so that Queensland and Western Australia could share a common border …. crikey !

Presently, the news media is New Zealand’s largest virus!

C’mon Sir Bob, cut Sky News Australia a bit of slack, at least they still run some show hosts who are not slavishly PC, surely you appreciate that? Sky in Britain is hopelessly wet, no better than any of the other “mainstream” TV – Sky Australia is an aberration, it is a wonder they manage to exist at all with their host line-up. Take the despicable Andrew Bolt for example, who the Left celebrates the railroading of a few years ago under “hate speech” law because he commented that Australia has a plague of lily-white folk self-selecting as Aborigines to get on board the race gravy train. Perfectly accurate comment, but he was criminalized for it, and you can bet any other TV channel would have thrown him under the bus.

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