Former BNZ Economist Tony Alexander, now an independent consultant, was widely quoted on the weekend saying, “My view is when the borders open a generation of young Kiwis will depart our shores for Australia for the higher wages on offer and lower cost of living, and to embrace some freedom after two years being locked up.”

Does that ring a bell? For regular readers of this Blog it should as I made these predictions a few weeks back.

Presumably Tony, noted for his common sense observations, is a reader of my Blog.


It’s not going to happen – it has been happening for months but Jacinda’s media prefers to ignore it. What – Kiwi’s losing faith in her ability? Go the the website: NZ Customs arrivals and departures. More than 50,000 departures so far this year.

i noticed that too, your words precisely, mind you, its not rocket science, one more term of this government will be sufficient to destroy 200 years of hard work & toil!

I didn’t even wait for our boarders to open. Left the second NSW opened up for us. I’m 23 and enjoying a cheaper life while being paid more.

Guess at least Luxon can’t loose any more hair ! He’s going to age over the next seven years, and the lefties will be convinced the mess is entirely his fault.
Who could be bothered taking on the train wreck made much worse by Labour’s childish naivety.

This country has been living way beyond its means for too long and the pain will be serious.
NZ population is a caricature of a fat spoilt entitled brat.

Get out while your money has value.

Is this labours secret solution to the housing issue?

I remember your predictions on this Sir Robert. It is a shame if it happens, or continues to happen; “yet” another generation living abroad because New Zealand doesn’t offer them suitable opportunities and who can blame them?

The only thing New Zealand governments – of all persuasions – have offered people since the 1993 general election is welfare, welfare, welfare and more welfare, demonization of capitalism and any sort of profit-making undertakings, proclaiming criminals and ne’er-do-wells to be victims and “battlers”, and an endless supply of “Maori Wonderfulness”. It’s all a very sick, sick joke.

… your blog ought to be mandated reading , Sir Bob …

My 24 daughter who has just finished a sports medicine degree will be leaving in a flash

My daughter (age 30) and her husband + young family already left for a new life in QLD a few weeks ago. He got a 30% pay increase for the exact same job and far better career prospects in general to look forward to. When they left they did not envisage returning to NZ (but to be seen).

I left after the Earthquake. I don’t ever see myself coming back (other than family visits). The last I time i came back I felt uncomfortable, it was all like a failed East European state. Grossly expensive,l ousy jobs, crime ridden, an out of touch government preaching at everyone, the cities were scruffy and the people seemed “beaten” for want of a better word.

    The female vote has a lot to answer for. Men’s violence does a lot of harm but women’s risk aversion has done even more.

Something I am noticing in anecdotal evidence; people who have global family and connections and who are used to doing a lot of travel to stay in touch, have been departing NZ permanently simply to regain the ability to come and go as their lifestyle demands. They chose NZ out of all the other options before because of the advantages it offers, but those advantages do not outweigh freedom of global movement, for them. I suspect that these are productive and high quality people on average.

My wife and I moved to NSW in June and haven’t missed the woke hysteria that was taking over NZ. While NSW has had its own Covid issues we have avoided the perpetual fear mongering Labour are pedaling, life here is feeling reasonably normal. We would have loved to have come back to visit over Christmas but it has been made impossible.

Jacinda and her ideologically driven minders have taken a wrecking ball to NZ while the Maori caucus have been pulling the strings in the background and the sycophantic media have slept at the wheel.

Good Luck NZ – have a Merry Christmas.

I should have accepted that job offer from BHP when I was a 17yo undergraduate.

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