Some time ago I predicted more books would be written about Trump than any other President. With circa 5,000 published to date, he’s currently in second place, although well behind Lincoln with 15,000.

However, astonishing though it may seem, the production of new Trump “tell-all” books is higher than ever before. There’s a good reason for that, namely as fast as they’re produced, they rocket out of the book shop doors, which has been a huge boon for the publishing business.

Given that all of them state the obvious, namely that Trump’s a disgrace to humanity, one would think the market is sated by now, but apparently not so. Trump gaining the Presidency, despite his utter appallingness and unsuitability on every count, remains a constant fascination. So if he lives another decade my original proposition should eventuate and he will pass Lincoln in the book stakes.

While writing an anti-Trump book is a sure-fire big money winner for impoverished journalists, nevertheless as is their won’t, they miss the even greater opportunity to earn serious many millions of dollars.

That is to target the totally ignored pro-Trump market, numbering circa 40-50 million, and produce a pro-Trump book. I say produce rather than write as with this lot, obviously it would have to be substantially pictorial and light on text, this in large type-face.

Apart from bookshops a pro-Trump pictorial book would fly out the door if sold on hot dog stalls, to Southern states’ Christian nutters, anti-vaccine gatherings, low-life bars, and other non-book outlets patronised by Trumpites.

The pleasant American convention of establishing post term Presidential libraries raises interesting concepts with Trump. As it’s indisputed that he’s never actually read a book, on face value best then for him to ignore it, but therein lies another waiting-to-be-exploited commercial opportunity. That is to establish a solely Trump book lending library in Trump-loathing New York.

This would enable gratification to readers desirous of satisfying their addictive yearning for his vilification but dodging the embarrassment of his name on a title polluting their own home book shelves.


When it gets down to perceived notoriety:
Love Trump or hate him…. the first consideration must be; is it necessary to write a personal biography or do others clamber out of the woodwork to write them on your behalf

Trump’s popularity was based on a disdain for the political elite. As oafish as he was, he made a number of insightful observations that many others dared not.

    Dead right…pun intended…

    We traveled through the rural backblocks of California; some 5 years ago, prior to Trumps election. A semi retired couple; who had multiple farms, took us in. We discussed Trump, and the main reason they and alot of like people voted for him is to remove the crocked Clinton’s. Sanders would have been the better choice.

    We are only beginning to find out how crocked Bill was too, and the 26 flights he took. No irony Hillary is using Bill in the same way Jeffery used Ghislane…

    The States have had poor leadership for some time, and due to this their status as the world reserve currency now hanging by a thread…

    Book numbers about a politician mean nothing it’s opportunities for writers to make a buck.

    That mass murderer Hitler has way more books written about him, he’s still what he always was a mental patient in fancy dress.

    Personality wise Trump is a basket case and he hasn’t had an original thought since the age of 5 !

Trump, probably needing a ghostwriter for even a toddler type picture book, has brought out his first book .Not exactly the usual presidential memoirs. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/trump-our-journey-together-picture-book-1260164/

Imagine what the (bound to be some) books about Biden will contain… yawn, blank pages?

So few Biden books then on how to mangle words reading a teleprompter

Trumps faults were many.As were most other US Presidents recently. His redeeming grace was his disdain for the military. When was the last time you can recall a US president not wanting a war? Anyone that will publicly decry the Pentagon as “starting wars to feed the military machine” was bound to be assassinated by the Media in the USA. This is what a modern propaganda attack does-makes someone appear stupid, crass, and criminal.
He’s lucky no one booked him in for a trip through Dallas…

Bob, I still haven’t figured out whether your dislike is genuine or that you are extracting the michael. Either way, it’s hilarious.

Trump was a result of Americans being sick of career politicians who are there for only themselves and their ego.

It is amazing to learn 50 million ignorant red necks and religious nutters in the US actually
like MT (Moron Trump) !
You are so funny Bob. Keep boxing.

So just to clarify my last comment-Im not at all a fan of Trump. Not at all. However I am also very cautious about having my opinions shaped by corporate media coming out if the US.

I’m picking that Trumps Presidential Library will be started off with his own books – once he’s finished colouring them in.


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