World-wide the hospitality industry is in crisis as following the lockdown waiting staff reconsidered their lives and opted for more orthodox working hours employment.

As social drinking and dining out is now so much part of modern existence this situation is alarming.

However, there’s an excellent answer, provided by lessons from other more civilised nations than New Zealand.

I refer in particular to the Congo. Two years ago the Congo introduced free education and to be consistent, stopped paying its school-teachers.

School-teachers work short hours and have lots of holidays. So to survive the Congo’s teachers all found evening and week-end work.

Accordingly, we should stop paying school-teachers who can meet their income needs by waiter staff jobs in the evenings and week-ends.

Jacinda should announce this heartening news in January, to cheer everyone up.


It would be absolutely fascinating to see whether the “new” waitresses still asked “What would yous like?”

That would truly be a window into the state of our teaching profession, in state schools.

    First heard ‘yous’ in a retail shop in Invercargill many years ago. Now it’s everywhere, cannot believe people write it in comments and emails.

Once the music stops on the house ponzi scheme, teachers wont be the only ones cuing up to become waiters/waitresses.

My grand father advised a growth in cafes and takeaway business is surely a sign that things are not good. His logic was that anyone can start a cafe, and alot of people do when be made unemployed.

I watched a former work colleague go through all his redundancy (and more) when he bought the Marble Bar at Cable Car Lane. What a great time he had for six months though, until the landlord changed the locks.

As they say easy come as go, and alot of people are going to get caught with their pants down as the tide is on the way out.

While most politicians have kicked the can down the road, look no further than this Labour government; and their yes minister servants, for keeping the ponzi scheme going.

I believe George Bernard Shaw wrote. “Those that can do and those that can’t teach.

I once found myself at a social function in the company of primary school teachers and misquoting Richard A Rowland, quickly formed the opinion that the” pupils had taken over the classroom.”

I want to co py this – with your permission – and send it to my son in the hospitality sender but I don’t do social(ist) media. How can I copy it. I cannot high
light the text.

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