“Violence against women is an insult to God,” so declared the Pope in his new year’s message to the world.

Given the powers the Papal ballgowned buffoon and his fellow supernaturalists ascribed to their God, notwithstanding that they can’t even tell us the bugger’s name, “God” being a job description and not a name, I’d have thought he’d be dismissive of insults. More important, given those intervention powers why doesn’t he stop violence to women?

The answer is simple. Like Martians he doesn’t exist.


True to a point Sir Bob , that the Pope is a silly old fart on a sinecure in Rome . Nevertheless , equally silly buggers by the billion believe his word is sacrosanct and as such his denouncement of violence against women is to be applauded . Next stop for the Catholic church , a more enlightened view on birth control and on non heterosexual relationships .

My wife is adamant that his name is dog, for reasons that any dyslexic can deduce 😉

Fantastic !

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