Two High Risk locations identified in Wellington region.

The above, a NZ Herald web-site heading last week.

The two high-risk Wellington locations turned out to be in Masterton and Fielding.

The buffoon sub-editor responsible for that screaming ignorance should be flogged with barb-wire.

Wellington’s Dominion Post should hit back with a web-site heading, “Two High Risk locations in Auckland region” and announce them as in Te Kuiti and Kaikohe.


getting more than a little sick of tvnz1 news talking about things in wellington city, then showing these things actually occurring in hutt city, porirua or upper hutt. 3 entirely different cities.
do we not even teach nz geography in school any more?

They have a fix for that, They call it by some Maori name and then no-one knows where it is,

I take it the sub-editor represents the “intellectual” wing of the NZ Herald?

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