Below is an unbelievable statement from the Public Service Commission issued to all government employees on behalf of the sexually confused. You are all paying for this nonsense.


frederickwilliscroft February 1, 2022 at 11:24 am

What a load of nonsense. Is it too late to turn back the tide? Probably not. The end of the world as we used to know it is nigh!

Scotty, beam me up.

What a lot of virtue signalling garbage.

Johnny Cash knew the easy one to deal with this issue….

What a lot of virtue signalling nonsense.

There is only one answer to this nonsense: FFS WTF!

Anybody hoping that a Luxon led National government would roll back this rubbish is deluding themselves. Luxon is quite comfortable with this type of crap, get used to it guys.

New Zealand society is disintegrating and all these bods get fixated about is their sexuality. When archeologists or diggers disinter their bodies in a couple of hundred years all they will decide is male or female body and none of this other fairy dust!

Dr. Michael K. Eagle February 1, 2022 at 12:14 pm

Appalled and disgusted that tax money is funding such clap-trap!
It may be grammatically correct, but disenfranchises understandable conversation in practice.
If that’s all they have to do they should be out of a job!

Who dreams up all this crap? Typical of this Government. I guess he/she/it has to justify their existence somehow…………….

I got lost at LGBTQIA+……..???

Any ideas what this code actually means?

    No one really knows, Grunter, it changes every week. Try just using LGBQWERTY – or the whole damn keyboard if you like.

Dave Chappelle neatly summed this up:
How much do I have to participate in your self image?

Geeeeez ! …. I mean , geeeeeeeeeez …. lost for words … we pay for this rubbish … Geeeeez !!!!

Is “Sir” a pronoun? If so, I have to get one of those.

While all the public servants were diligently updating their email signatures they forgot the email telling them to order RAT tests, or perhaps the minister forgot to send that email as well!

What a bunch of crap! Why should 99% of the population have to change everything to suit a tiny minority. These “gender” groups can do what they want, I really don’t care, just don’t force your views of fantasy biology on the majority.

The end is not nigh, it is here‼️

Thanks Bob for bringing this garbage to our attention. I have dozens more definitions to add to the list above but I don’t think you would be allowed to print them. How can it be that we have allowed such a small insignificant group to get such attention and more importantly, how can we stop it?

Whoever is responsible for putting this should publicly stoned to death

Periodically, usually in response to coming across something like this nonsense from the Public Service Commission, I watch Jonathan Pie’s “Oppression Obsession” clip and it makes me feel better …

Some employee (gender unknown) must have spent hours compiling that and it would then have been passed through another few hands before being cleared for use/publication. At what cost? This is just plain stupid. Anyone outside the public service would be too embarrassed to produce such drivel not the least because it would get them sacked

The writer clearly didn’t take his own advice..No name and no Pronoun..

If I paid tax I would be horrified.

No need to wait 200 years

Line up….
Those with a spout are one gender
Those with a gutter are the other.

The micro-view of the problem then is clearly NOT a PHYSICAL thing
It is a PSYCHOLOGICAL thing and can then be rectified by a PSYCHOLOGIST to be fair..!?

NOT on a piece of paper

I suppose these pronouns need to be added to the existing colour chart used as a reference to hire new employees

This unbelievable concoction is the exact topic that launched Jordan Peterson to a more public domain when he refused to use any of this crap at his university in Canada. The loopy radicals will endorse this use of pronouns with bells on; each individual was born either 1 – Male or 2 – Female any confusion is related to mental illness.

A lot of airheads with not enough to do,and getting paid far to much of our money!Get rid of half of them!

It was a lot easier when we had blokes, sheilas and poofters. Everybody was friends with everybody and we all knew where we stood. I would like the word gay to be returned to it’s original meaning.

Is that nonsense for real??? Surely NOT!

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