As part of my health regime about every 3 years I have a colonoscopy. This year as a back-up check they’re simultaneously doing a gastroscopy; specifically the same thing only at the beginning and not the end of the alimentary system.

Included in the instruction brochure is the following mind-blowing advice.

Immediately following that emphatic sentence is the advice,

Unless patients are expected to take clear fluids by injections or some sort of osmosis process, that ludicrous contradictory advice is yet further testimony of the now proven fact that the current generation is less intellectually competent than its predecessor.

Perhaps it could be forgiven as an oversight were the two sentences in different parts of the brochure but for God’s sake, one immediately follows the other. The author should be flogged.


Also reads as though you can’t eat or drink afterwards. Poor communication skills.

not only but also…… you are expected to believe the science

It should have said – you must stop eating and drinking 6 hours before the operation, however you can drink water up to 2 hours before

But what if my Cup of Tea identifies as Water?, Can I drink that up to 2 hours before the procedure?

I had a similar procedure a few years back. Prior, when doc explained they would be poking a camera down my throat to check the upper section of my gastro tract, and then entering from the other end to check the rest my drugged up reply was; ‘if your using the same camera can you please be sure to do the throat first’.

Surely, in this day and age, you also required and were given the instructions in Te Reo!

With common sense now a rare commodity, I expect the bureaucrats to extend instructions to Te Reo; which 99% of the population wont be able to understand either….

Whatever happen to education….Oh thats right, it got sold off as well…

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