A week or so back Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta issued a warning to Putin re invading the Ukraine. I’ve waited to see if it worked.  Well, it certainly appears to have done as ever since the Russians have issued appeasement noises.

Putin suffers from short man syndrome and likes to posture stripped to the waist as a tough guy. But who would you back in a brawl between him and Mahuta who let’s face it, would massively outweigh him by at least 300lbs? It would be an outrageous mismatch.

Mind you, Putin is hardly alone with his terror at the prospect. Nanaia would be a huge favourite for a quick KO victory if she took on Putin “aided” by a doubtless sobbing Trudeau, plus Boris, if all three were in the ring at once as a tag team against her. And for that matter you could chuck in the North Korean garbage plus Scott Morrison who’d try to talk his way out of it, plus numerous other purported world leaders.

Nania should issue a few more warnings here and there. If the Putin result is any guide, she could be in line for the Nobel Peace Prize.


Its amazing what royalty can do….Course we know what happened to Russian royalty..

Not doing much for the Queen or Prince Andrew at present however. Gone are the days where she can order heads to be removed…

One does wonder why some people still keep worshiping this lot, where their track record of charity is but a distraction from whats really going on…though I do note Her Majesty The Queen has been removed from modern property titles….

It might be safer to remain part of the commonwealth however, to at least keep the heads of those people who speak out against dictators..

Someone needs to get Don King involved. The pay-for-view opportunity is massive…
“Chernobyl 2-the heat is on”
“I’ll make Trudeau my ‘ho” thunders put-the-boot-in Putin.
The thriller in Manila has nothing on this.

Ha! Fantastic ! Keep boxing Bob.

So that’s what MMA means. More Mahuta Annialations.

They probably were worried she would eat them. She could be our secret weapon.
The Israelis are putting lasers on their Borders to shoot down rockets but we have Nanaia!
Much more scary.
Speaking of Justin Trudeau, I am amused by the story that he is Fidel Castro’s son. Apparently Pierre and Margaret were good friends with Castro. There are rumours of a secret tryst between Margaret and Fidel during a holiday by Pierre and Margaret to the Caribbean. Or maybe it wasn’t so secret. Pierre had a reputation for playing around, as did Margaret.
Quite a few photos of the three of them looking very familiar with each other and then there is the similarity of looks between Fidel and Justin.
He certainly seems to have an authoritarian bent too.
Probably an Urban myth though.

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