Just for a moment assume a dramatic news-event. Specifically, Jacinda is arrested for among other atrocities, throttling three new-born maori babies, sustained vile acts of cruelty to kittens, heading a massive illegal drugs-importing racket and running a highly sophisticated nation-wide shop-lifting ring.

All of that would be a world-wide news-item and certainly have us all stunned. However, in these strange times anything is possible so we shouldn’t lightly dismiss the possibility of such an occurrence.

But, the highlight would be the absolute gilt-edge certainty of the New Zealand Herald publishing a letter within days from a Reg Dempster, explaining it all away.

If mindless brain-dead sycophantic hero-worshipping was an Olympic event, Reg would enter our sporting annals as New Zealand’s greatest ever athlete as he captured the gold every four years for his relentless “second-coming” letters to the editor re the P.M.


We can only speculate as to who it is that uses the “Reg Dempster” alias when sending letters to the NZ Herald editor; could it be a certain well known politician themselves?

Who is this Reg? I do not read the Herald.

I live in Victoria and have been highly critical of the MIQ system. I’m a NZ’er and will never demean myself to beg an office Johnny to be “allowed” to visit NZ.
From time to time I have criticised the Labour government on Social Media and have been roundly told off by friends and associates.
I simply can’t believe the number of people I know who are happy to critique (male?) politicians, but who are totally unable to apply the same standards to JA or Labour.
Otherwise rational people seem to have drunk deeply on the Labour Kool Aid. There is no outcome so poor that some zealot can’t rationalise it.
They remind me very much of Trump supporters and their mindless hero worship.
Roll on the election.

Sir Bob, I am indeed surprised that you still subscribe to NZH. The only article I have found of use on the last three or so years is the daily sudoku. After the disgraceful cartoon in last weekends Herald on Sunday I promptly cancelled my subscription after 50 odd years. Must take a special type of left whinger to accept payment for editing what has become cheer paper for Labour, Greens and maori party. BTW, did anybody see NZH publish the results of the latest Roy Morgan poll. I must have missed it. Happily it suggests the previous weeks Reid 1 poll was a rogue result.


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