I’ve written before about the wry amusement Wellingtonians derive from the almost weekly protests at Parliament over this and that. No-one takes the slightest notice, specially the MPs. Sometimes a petition is presented and a sucker MP will draw the short straw to stand on the steps of Parliament, adopt a grave face, say a few words and accept the petition which to all intents and purposes is then filed in the rubbish bin.

The latest such protest has seen several thousand from across the land led by truck drivers, block the city streets bitching about vaccine mandates. The city is thus literally empty of people and cars as I write.

No-one should be forced to be vaccinated against their will but conversely when this lot get ill as many now will despite Jacinda’s 1990 elimination brilliance, they must bear the price re their mandate prohibitions, namely not having the right to infect others. I have yet to read a coherent argument against vaccines, but there actually is one.

The excellent thing about this anti-vaccine protest is it identifies no-hopers, many of whom in the next few months will become infected and some will die.

In numerous ways halfwits are a huge cost on society thus any action which reduces their numbers is a huge win for the rest of us. They should be actively encouraged to stage more mass protests everywhere for the greater good of society.

I’m happy to do my bit and chip in $10,000 for them to stage kissing contests with one another to hurry things along. That would constitute doing God’s work and a more effective albeit different elimination strategy than the nonsensical one claimed by the government two years back.

Finally, note this. An ethnic study of anti-vacciners in Britain shows the highest percentage are blacks of West Indian origin followed closely by Brits of Pakistan origin. No surprise to me.

Why? Because a study a year back showed the most likely to be in prison, lowest income and least educated were Brits of Caribbean origin, again followed closely by Brits of Pakistan origin.

But the highest performing ethnic group on all three counts, including Anglo-Saxons, were Brits of Indian origin. Currently they dominate the Cabinet and Boris’s likely successor will be an Anglo-Indian. That success reflects cultural values in a respect for education and industry.

To summarise, basically anti-vacciners are measurably dumb buggers. The current mob at Parliament are in the standard New Zealand fashion, simply copying their brothers in dimness, namely Canadian truck drivers.

Long distant truck driving is an unpleasant low paid job, it’s only redeeming feature being in providing employment for the intellectually challenged. But they’re the very last group we want calling the shots on anything at all.


Phillip Lloyd Jones February 9, 2022 at 11:21 am

This is not soley about vaccine mandates. It is about the adoption of He Pua Pua, three waters, increasing red tape and expenses hindering business and the deline of our democracy. If you only read our msm it’s no wonder you think it’s only to do with vaccine mandates. The protesters are not necessarily and vaccine but anti choice.

There an old saying ‘Ýou get what you deserve’.

Not sure if that applies to some Politicians however. Some seem to accumulate extraordinary wealth in a very short space of time.

I’d be interested if anyone has solutions to this seemingly puzzling matter?

Priceless 🙂

I would be quite happy to join an anti goverment protest, as this is the worst government I have known, However these protests are hijacked by many groups that I disagree with and therefore I do not want to be associated with them.

The current protester mob in Wellington would be the same people who have been at Waitangi for the past 20 years, or the usual group of unemployable who have little else to do – one wonders if Su Bradford or John Minto et al are amongst them. Same sh%& different day (protest)

The oft talked of Sweden, are ending all their very lightly done c19 restrictions from 9th Feb. Also stopping the 5-11 yo jabs.

I have to disagree with you on this Sir Bob. You clearly have no idea what these truckies and people from all walks of life are out there protesting about. I do think you need to stop reading the MSM .. that is why you believe they are “anti-vax”. A lot are in fact vaccinated/boosted. It’s about FREEDOM OF CHOICE. It’s about freedom from coercion. It’s about He Puapua. It’s about Three Waters etc. I admire them and those around the globe doing the same. Long live people with the guts to stand up and say ENOUGH!

    Nail on the head. It’s not about being anti-vax it’s a protest about freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I’m sure that Sir Bob would be all of Government reducing its impact on our lives and letting us get on with life.

    ‘Seriously’, when it comes to ‘standing up’, I assume that if you were COVID-19 positive and required urgent care to keep you alive, you’d be happy to join and ‘stand up’ at the back of the A&E queue, behind those who arrived before you seeking urgent care for say, a heart attack, a stroke, or a motor vehicle accident injury?

    And when it comes to exercising your ‘freedom of choice’ (which, by the way, is not absolute but that’s for another day), do you wear a seat belt; refrain from driving whilst intoxicated; or at 120 kph on The Terrace or in Queen Street, because you’ve made a ‘choice’ not to do so or because the government is telling you that you must not?

    Or is all this talk of ‘freedoms’ because you’re an advocate of ‘He Puapua’?

      Larry, you clearly have not read beyond the main stream media narrative. You can and will still get Covid whether vaccinated or not. Omicron is basically a mild cold/sore throat, if anything at all. Albert Bourla (the CEO of Pfizer) has confirmed in public that the booster this government is FORCING on us, has not been developed for Omicron, (in fact it was developed for the Alpha variant – so not even Delta!!), and Pfizer are currently developing a jab for Omicron – they expect it to be due out in March – but no guarantees. This MRNA is a gene therapy, NOT a vaccine. WE are the guinea pigs as there is no long term data. Why would you suppose Pfizer has held back all data from their studies, only allowing it to be put out for review just 500 pages per month, which means it will take 75 years for us to know what they found! If there data is so fantastic, why not publish it all now? Have a think about that Larry. And the good old argument of ‘but it hasn’t affected you so why moan’ is a poor argument. Like Thalidomide, we do not yet know how this MRNA jab is going to affect us long term (again, because there is no long term data). As to your your logic, if you are overweight from poor lifestyle choices (poor diet/no exercise), including diabetes and heart disease or perhaps you enjoy a little bit of snow skiing/boarding or mountain biking, then these people should also be shunted to the “back of the queue” because they have chosen to make poor choices or that are considered “dangerous” practice? Why on earth should they be given special treatment then? I have in fact had my two jabs. But why should people be forced to have a medical procedure against their will – no jab no job. That is coercion. Remember, not even the MMR vaccine is mandatory. And in fact our government had adverts running on TV last year stating “Measles is more deadly than Covid – get your vaccine!”. This is all about control, NOT health.

      And Larry, this may interest you too.Israel is now on their fourth booster. One Prof. Jacob Giris, director of Ichilov Hospital’s coronavirus ward, said in a TV interview that “many of the severe cases are vaccinated”. “Right now, most of our severe cases are vaccinated,” “They had at least three injections. Between seventy and eighty percent of the serious cases are vaccinated. So, the vaccine has no significance regarding severe illness, which is why just twenty to twenty-five percent of our patients are unvaccinated.” I hope you will indulge me Sir Bob …..

    Totally agree, they were a peaceful lot in reality, but all news gave a different view. There were lots of families and professional people there including Doctors, nurses, lawyers etc.

If this is ok Sir Bob. Thank you.
To follow up my earlier comments: Go the Sweden link.
You won’t see anything in our NZ msm.

It is a bit simplistic to claim people who are vaccine hesitant are “ignorant”. Some proportion of them – possibly quite high – are very well informed, to the extent that they have read the honest literature that the cabal of media and officialdom ignore, and are quite confident that a healthy diet, plenty of fresh air, sunshine and exercise, and healthy levels of Vitamin D and Zinc, render one virtually Covid immune anyway.
The overall IFR for Covid is around 0.25% which are overwhelmingly among the easily identified “at risk”; for the over 70’s NOT in rest homes, it is 2.9% which is still not a crisis in that age cohort; and for those IN rest homes it is 25%. Ioannidis et al just published this data, which has been far too long coming. I always said this was about the indoor environment “lack of ventilation” risk, with rest homes being some of the most oppressively stuffy you can find anywhere.
Also, dark skinned people in cold latitudes will die from Covid due to Vitamin D deficiency, so if anyone wants to accuse the system of systemic racism, they need to focus on officials who don’t emphasize this most basic medical scientific fact. The dark skinned and successful, intelligent cohorts such as Indians, who are not dying of Covid like the notoriously stupid cohorts of all colours are (including white trash), will certainly be taking Vitamin D and protecting themselves responsibly, and surviving, even if they are vax hesitant.
I have all along, been telling anyone who is Covid hysterical, who knows nothing about self-help lifestyle, diet and supplementation, that they are morons. The really immoral policy position is to expect THESE people to be protected by tyrannical impositions on everyone.
THIS switched-on Indian GP is the kind of GP everyone should wish for:

The protest is against punishment for not being vaccinated and unnecessary restrictions on those that have been vaccinated. Omicron is going to spread through the population, under the current rules schools and businesses could face a rapid series of closures. Be open for a day the closed for 14, repeat.

Bob you should go and meet some of these people protesting.
Jabbed and Non jabbed. They are all against one thing – Mandates.
They are Businesses owners, self employed, unemployed, students and all just good people.
Why not focus your full power on getting rid of this despicable government.
Now that would really make the news.
All the Best Al

I don’t understand Sir Robert’s take on the compulsory vaccine policy. It was reported in May/June last year by both Israel and Singapore that vaccinated people were both contracting the Covid virus and transmitting it on. This has been confirmed by just about every other country in the world..So effectively the ‘vaccines’ have proven to be a ‘Claytons’. The data that came out of Italy in 2020 (analysed by Ivor Cummins -YT) showed that Covid was dangerous to the very old and very unhealthy (obese and type2 diabetes). Being neither I was not worried about the whole thing. Getting the ‘vaccine’ which has an emergency authorisation from the US FDA would only be worthwhile to me if it stopped me from transmitting the virus to others. It doesn’t, so I’m not interested. I won’t bother talking about reported vaccine side effects, I feel that will be a topic for next year.

    First, the Pfizer vaccine was fully approved by the US FDA in August of last year so it’s a tad disingenuous of you to state that the ‘vaccine’ has only EUA.

    Second, there is no conclusive evidence that being vaccinated prevents you from transmitting (the jury’s still out of that point), but if you don’t get infected in the first place thanks to a vaccine, you can’t spread it.

    Third, if you are not vaccinated, you are more likely to become seriously ill and/or be hospitalised. Now that’s your decision and I respect your right to make it but if you became seriously ill, you’d be directly wasting health authority resources and you may be tempted to jump the queue at A & E or the ICU for emergency treatment ahead of the old bloke (like me) laying there urgently requiring care for a stroke.

    But every man to his own I say.

The protest movement has a number of absolute idiots, such as the madman who opined that “masks cause cancer”, and that is what the media have focussed on. However, there are many who simply believe that the government is governing through the generation of fear and the removal of choice, those people have my support.

Yes, the truck protest is less about the the vaccination per se and more about the choice to vaccinate, being the larger issue. Drawing a comparison, remember the land occupation of Ihumatao and the Prime Minister came out in public support of the occupation? Will we see the same here, or will the Prime Minister take the opportunity to ban unfavorable protests, thereby eroding yet more “rights”?

It’s been two years of lockdowns, vaccination targets, traffic lights, scanning and social distancing, masks, masks, masks, and yet we still have Covid AND an underfunded public health system, with no exit strategy or a sustainable plan in place to cope. How did we get here?

Does anyone believe that this government will allow us to go to green traffic light, let alone level 0?

After 2 years of this nonsense and high compliance, we’re still being treated like kids asking “Are we there yet?”.

And the answer is “Wait for the announcement about the announcement”.

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