About bloody time the great creator did something useful instead of inflicting us with viruses and the like. I think he might be feeling a bit bad about that as the Met Service has advised he’s organised heavy rain and gale-force winds for the capital this weekend.

Despite the season it would certainly be doing God’s work if he threw in some snow and hail to liven up the no-hopers assembly at Parliament.

We know God doesn’t like them because, as many have remarked, aside from ignorance they’re all spectacularly ugly. No wonder they’re angry at their lot in life.


All the idiot unmmasked on the lawn have created a superspreader event – way to thin out the drongo population

There’s nothing like having a good laugh on a Friday afternoon from reading your blog. Thank you.

So you support Cindy’s mandates, Bob?

Not a good looking one amongst them, which will deteriorate over days with no showers and overflowing loos

I see the former MP King has jumped on the protest bandwagon, alleging that members’ treatment of the protestors has evidenced a ‘real lack of respect’.

A meaningful, 500-word piece on ‘freedom’ please Matt and that might earn you some respect – just a tad.

I support all protesters who are against vaccine mandates.

Here is a thoughtful, well researched, video on the Canadian trucker protests Sir Robert – worth a look (it is “on topic” as you can see if you click and view 7mins long) because it debunks a lot of the nonsense the protestors at our Parliament are claiming…. https://youtu.be/gZSB1ABG_Sc

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