Now approaching 90 respected scientist and political cartoonist Dr Bob Brockie is no right wing fanatic. Rather he has a life-long history of being a paid-up member of the capital’s trendy-lefty set.

But regardless of his political leanings his great passion is science. With science there’s no room for opinions as it deals in evidence-based facts.

One of Britain’s great institutions is the Royal Society which promotes truth via evidence-based science.

There’s a New Zealand branch our scientists traditionally are proud to belong to.

It’s substantially paid for by the taxpayer which is no surprise when you look at its website and note the sheer number of employees, 44 in all, the vast majority clearly dripping wet.

The New Zealand Royal Society is an absolute disgrace. Bob Brockie has had the integrity to resign. His resignation letter below spells out why.

I would be very surprised indeed if he is alone in this action but the 44 wets won’t care although the taxpayer certainly should, seeing their money promoting anti-science.

The next National government should end the tax-payer funding, allow the inevitable sponger clean-out and only resume subsidy when it’s assured that the Society will stick to the knitting of its expressed purpose.


Good for him but what of our covid experts, why does anyone give them any attention at all

Apart from being consistently and wildly wrong (Hendy) and complete hypocrites (Willis); with a total lack of self awareness they came out trying to cancel the scientists that warned against this confusion of folk lore and science. Now you would expect that would be the last thing that someone who insists that we follow “The Science” would want. Do they even understand the meaning of the word science?

As Popper et al have said: If it’s not verifiable, falsifiable and repeatable it’s not science

This radical leftist nonsense is happening all around the western world. Major universities, including here in NZ, almost all now suffering from the wet thinking woke. And it only survives when tax payers fund it.

    The Universities have long been heavily Left-wing. My niece’s friends from University are barely a step away from outright communists.

As a once scientist, son of a scientist, I completely agree with Dr Brockie. The NZRS is one of many once respected scientific organisations now taken over and corrupted by political activists. This can’t end well.

Agreed Sir Bob – we’re all choking on the wetness nowadays, especially over the past 4 years.

Have a read of this article….!


Are there any Wellington insertions that have not yet been taken over and corrupted by race-based political activists?

Thank heavens there are some scientists left with integrity ,well done Dr Brockie

The Royal Society appears to be in a mentally weak phase…kowtowing fo a corrupt and revisionist view of history and culture. The only reality was walking over the hill and smashing the heads of the people on the other side and taking their stuff…this has been bent into the great scientists of the stone age…lovely myths as all stone age cultures had…the Quarter Casts, the Dalmation Maoris, the German Maoris, the Irish Maoris, the Scottish Maoris are pulling a fast one and its a sick joke!

Agree with the sentiments Sir Bob, as a teacher (1971-2020, and a Headmaster for the last 23 of those years) and a product of VUW, what I have seen is a gradual take over of reason, in universities, (well, initially Waikato and then the rot spread further, to include, most, if not all the traditional bastions of academia, and certainly all of the new generation of tertiary institutions) to be replaced by managers with a socio-political agenda. A new generation of graduates, with a religious fervour then began to grow in political parties – really all of them, these people have little understanding of a big world picture and a strong- even fanatical desire to bring about the millennium for the “oppressed” they purport to serve.
Schools are seen to be a convenient vehicle for implementing change by these people, “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”
Schools and government agencies now hire more on the basis of commitment to the Treaty/knowledge of te reo Maori/Pasifika and less on personal academic ability and ability develop the same in children.

    Apropos to Mr Laurenson’s last paragraph did you spot the ad for the Senior Analyst – Economic Strategy by The Treasury (sorry Te Tai Ohanga) to “operate at the forefront of economic thought and policy”? Believe it or not “an economics background is not essential”! And this role is intended to achieve “far reaching impacts”. Are we all going mad in this country?

      Yes, I say, from 12,000 miles away, where I shall stay until the return of sanity or the removal of this government, whichever is the sooner.

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