Britain’s Telegraph newspaper ran a great cartoon yesterday.

It showed a housewife in the Post Office saying,

             “I’ve just heard the news about Prince Andrew. Will there be a commemorative coin?”

If Bradford Exchange produced one I’d certainly buy it.

They won’t of course but there’s an opportunity for a budding entrepreneur, namely to knock out a copper version. It might be bad taste but since when was producing bad taste a losing proposition, as evidenced by the Bradford Exchange’s regular offerings.


Like it😄

The design of the Prince Andrew ” I am not a sexual predator ” coin ought to be placed in the capable hands of the Chinese firm who produced a complete range of plates and cups celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s ” 70’th Jubbly . “


Thanks Bob for the heads up on Bradford Exchange. Top comedy gold…

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Inviting a few of the Princes’ young ladies to live in NZ might help with the trade deficit? That will be quite a settlement.

(Oops am I allowed to still say “settlement” in NZ without offending Maori?)

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