French President Macron’s wife Brigitte, 24 years his senior, is suing a self-proclaimed spiritual medium and a journalist, for asserting on YouTube that she is transgender. Specifically, her claim is for a “violation of privacy and fundamental personal rights” and “illicit use of her image”.

Consider this in the New Zealand context. Here, the defence would be that being a trans has now been elevated to virtually a superior form of existance and far from being damaging, in fact amounts to praise.

The “fundamental personal (unspecified) rights” claim would be dismissed as meaningless verbiage. And the “illicit use of her image” wouldn’t wash either as public figures are deemed to be fair game for comment, so long as the claims are not suggesting criminality and such-like.

I suspect Brigitte is wasting her time, still these events have the redeeming feature of providing a troubled world with much needed amusement. But given the weakness of her defence, is it possible Brigitte is in fact a bloke?

It’s currently fashionable here with the commercial real estate agency business as I pointed out yesterday re Bayleys Commercial in Auckland. But they’re not the pioneers, rather it wasn’t so long ago when well-known Wellington commercial agent Chris Gollins made the move, he/she hitherto making her mark as Christine. She made the change as she claimed the market never took female agents seriously and the results speak for themselves, Chris, as he now is, being a dominant player in today’s market.


Did Michelle Obama make similar complaints about the FaceBook entries about her gender? It seems that this, along with many others, is just a typical claim made in FB comments and should not be taken seriously by anybody except those who fear the truth.

I delight in your scandalous assertions – Farhi and Gollins may not… Carry on.

clintaswanpropertiesconz February 22, 2022 at 4:21 pm

Agree Sir Bob,
Have in the past had dealings with Chris, Yeap one of the best agents to deal with, and we have had our share.
We moved to Auckland many years ago, and Yes the Auckland commercial scene is a lot flasher, but not to the Level of Chris’s honest open attitude,

I remember your dalliance with Carmen and the Wellington Mayoral election in 19??

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