Subtle difference, the Czechoslovakian population did not have Russian as their primary language nor were they predominantly Germans.
Don’t believe anything you see or read about this conflict. I strongly suggest watching this excellent geopolitical overview of the conflict with James Corbett.

It’s all about Germany!…oh, and money

“In a call with Macron lasting longer than an hour, Putin said the US and Nato had not taken into account Moscow’s “fundamental concerns” about the expansion of Nato and deployment of strike missiles near the Russian border.”

Russia has never made a secret of their willingness to use the Ukraine as a buffer from NATO. In 1991 NATO signed an agreement not to expand eastwards. Been broken 4 times.
Russia will no more tolerate NATO jets taking off in Ukraine or NATO missiles in the Ukraine than the USA would tolerate missiles in Cuba. (If you live in Wellington-think Nuclear missiles in New Plymouth etc.)
The Cuban missile crisis was provoked by American missiles in Turkey. Now its happening again.
Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.
Putin was caught between a rock and a hard place. About the only thing that can remove him is an unhappy Army-& the Army’s main concern is NATO on their border.
Putin basically offered Europe cheap gas in exchange for rejecting the Ukraine NATO ambitions. Now the world is paying for creating a new flashpoint.
Whatever happens it will need to end fairly soon as Russia’s GDP is only 1.4 Trillion-Australia’s’ is 1.3 Trillion-and wars are very expensive.
Watch for Petrol prices to soar.

Would prefer jaw jaw but, the Russians have been the only country trying to get the Minsk Agreement into action since it was signed by Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany in 2015. Neither the Ukraine, nor France and Germany were interested once the initial fighting in the Donbass ‘cooled down’ in 2015. Since then over 14000 civilians have been killed(that’s right, thousand -think about that number)… That the Russians did not want US/Nato weapons systems on their border is well known (just like the US in 1962 didn’t want Russian systems in their proximity ). The Russians have spent 8 years not recognising the ‘breakaway’ Republics, in the end they seem to have given up on diplomacy since no one else was interested in a diplomatic solution. Now we have a non-diplomatic solution. Sad.

If the world does not call Putin’s (the communist fascist) bluff ‘on this occasion’ the flagrant breaking of international law will continue, as will the despotic aspirations of other communist fascist dictators.
NATO needs the backing of other countries before helping brave Ukraine defend THEIR country.

Zelenskyy totally unassuming little hero. Nobel prize and bar.

No doubt comrade Ardern will help the situation by giving Maori another billion.

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