I reluctantly returned home a fortnight ago after over three months away from our hermit kingdom.

Awaiting me, a swag of nice letters regarding this blog from readers, which were greatly appreciated.

My first task was to read 3 months of newspapers, albeit primarily The Herald as not speaking maori largely cuts out the Dominion Post for me. Most of its pages are devoted to various forms of maori wonderfulness. The Herald also had tons of maori reports albeit less maori wonderfulness and instead maori criminal activity stories.

When I left our covid death rate was under 50, thanks numerous newspaper correspondents claimed last year, to Jacinda’s magical curative properties. Now they’re approaching 1,500 and Jacinda is nowhere to be seen.

That said my prophecy of nearly three years back on this blog regarding covid has come true, namely that when it’s all done and dusted, Sweden’s approach of living with it will be seen to be the right one.

I was in Denver, Aspen and New York and mask-wearing was not evident, life being back to normal. So too in Lisbon, Glasgow, Budapest, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Dublin and lots of German cities. Life is back to normal and the streets are crowded.

Then again, grown-ups are in charge. It was very refreshing.


Welcome back! Your refreshing approach to life & your humour has been missed. You are back just in time to save us from becoming consumed by misleading information, lies & misdirection. We are going nowhere fast!

Nice to see you’re back I’ve missed that acerbic wit and the calling out of scoundrels. Be interested to read your thoughts on our Foreign Minister.

    Great to have you back Bob, I to would love your comment on our extremely effective foreign affairs minister.

Funny! I was just thinking the other day about how I miss your posts. Welcome back!

Welcome back.

Welcome home Sir Bob, as you will ascertain we’ve gone way further down the gurgler since your departure, and that’s entirely the fault of “comrade” Jacinda and her merry bunch of fools in Labour.

I despair at the legacy of ineptitude this government are creating, a financial and racial millstone for our children to grapple with over upcoming decades.

I sincerely hope Act are able to dictate terms in the next National-led government, for they seem to offer the least loony policy platform of the meager options on offer.

Another term of Labour and I’m off to the ‘lucky country’ (lucky you don’t get eaten or bitten to death!).

Happy days , Sir Bob’s back … one more adult in the room : Joy !

Great to have you home Bob. We missed your comments. How was the World looking.??

my day just got better

Welcome back; you’ve been missed.
Yes, you’re right – the maoriness has (almost) overtaken the kingdom.
It’s sort of peaceful as j arden is flitting around the world, pretending she is important.

Dave on the travels June 28, 2022 at 5:49 pm

Admiration on the travel front, did you travel alone or with family?

Welcome back Sir Bob, We missed your wit via your opinion pieces. Yes Post Colonial Stress ( PCSSD) Syndrome is quite widespread now in NZ or should I say Aotearoa alongside the flu and covid, but never mind we’ve all just come through a wonderful weekend of Matariki celebrations where hugging and hand ringing seems to be part and parcel of our newest holiday.
Ka kite

Reluctant as it seems I’ll say anyway… Welcome home Sir Bob, ’tis like a breath of fresh air seeing this posting and I eagerly await more.

Welcome back Bob, bloody good to be able to read the blog again

Great to have you back Bob. Wish you could stay .

Great to have you back in New Zealand, I have missed your writing.

so true and welcome back

Great to have you back! You have been missed.

welcome home!

So happy to have you back Bob.

Good news indeed that your blog is back, I was only thinking yesterday be interesting to have heard your comments on the ongoing current and unfolding (Incl economic situation). Kindly Jacinda and co. have provided you with plenty of new material to comment on. &co seems to include most of the media journalists.

Welcome home Bob. Glad to have the voice of reason out there.

Great to see you back Bob. I know you don’t reply to these posts but on the off chance, have read some of your books but cannot get on Kindle ebooks.

Fabulous Sir Bob wonderful to have you back.
New Zealand is in the biggest mess in its history thanks to a group of totally incompetent Labour Government idiots lead by the very kind Jacinda Ardern.
The issue Māori has become the take over of Labour with the cunning Wille Jackson fully in charge.

Pleased to see you back Bob we need your wise council and black humour!

Colleen Willoughby June 28, 2022 at 9:03 pm

Enjoyed this wish it was longer

Welcome home and welcome back online, Sir Bob.

So good to have you back. you have been sadly missed.
We need strong leadership to get the country back into being New Zealand again.

great to have you back Sir Bob

Nice to have you back Bob (even if it is reluctantly).

Fantastic to have you back

Great to see you back Sir Bob, we may now have counter views on life and politics from your collective wisdom.

By the way completely agree on your observation on Covid 19 and Sweden.

Regards JMC

It’s a very serious situation Sir Bob. What can be done to try and stop all this madness?

Great! ….more please Sir Bob. You help enlighten my day. Missed your blog

Excellent news, though I can understand the word “reluctant”, especially in the face of a New Zealand winter, and in Wellington!

Frankly I’m surprised that you’ve returned just as the Northern Summer is kicking into high gear and this nation has measurably got worse in just the short time you’ve been gone. Why on earth did you come back?

Welcome back Sir Bob. Your wit and no nonesense comments have been sorely missed. In your absence the wokeism from this government has only got worse , unbelievable as it sounds.

Welcome home to New Zealand Sir Bob. However, I envisaged you staying away a lot longer though as the grown-ups are still not back in charge yet. You will note that the maori coup /crime / thuggery / nepotism etc has certainly ramped up in the few months you’ve been absent & is now in full-swing.

We need another ‘1984’ moment when a certain someone started up a new political party that finally dispensed with the drunken dwarf – whose behaviour I might add now looks in hindsight to be absolutely stellar compared to the odious mob we currently have for mind control in 2022.

Great to hear your comments on this unbelievably out of control Labour Party and with all this Māori rubbish language that is taking over government departments and newspapers.I have cancelled my subscriptions as a cannot translate it into my English language I was taught in school.

Good to have you back.
I too had to escape the hermit Kingdom and I am currently in Thailand for 3 months.
All the mask wearing mandates here in Thailand have been dropped. The Thai pass that was required to enter Thailand, will be dropped from the1st of July and everything is back to normal.
But I was dismayed at NewZealand still maintaining the orange traffic light system.
If Thailand can open up to the world with a population of 60 million, so can NewZealand.
But there again NewZealand is the hermit kingdom of the world

Very intelligent appointment by Saint Jacinda to appoint a Foreign Minister who professes to not like flying!!! Mind you, if there has been one positive about Covid it is the fact that neither of them went overseas representing us for a couple of years. If Maori can’t be bothered keeping Te Reo alive at home as many of our immigrants do, then that is NOT our problem but of course, it has become so. It is grossly incorrect to speak a hotch-potch of languages…it is either Te Reo OR English et al. I received an email from the Public Trust recently addressing me as ‘wahine’…together with a long email in English – with Te Reo beginning and end – and then the whole thing again in Te Reo. What did that cost?!! And who would read the Te Reo version?

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