I returned home to find lots of letters advising (not for the first time) that my name is being used on the web as a supporter of crypto currencies.

I’m not the only victim of this but the fact crypto currencies’ promoters resort to such deceit says everything about the absence of merit in their nonsensical so-called product.

Personally I’m delighted at these price collapses, as is inevitable with all speculation activities dependent solely on the bigger fool principle.

Here’s a simple adage to sum all mass speculative fevers up.

To get rich, look for a new angle for products or services that have an established market, then be prepared to work damn hard, at least in the initial stages.

Crypto currencies will inevitably find their true value, namely nothing, so currently they’re still massively over-valued.


Here Here !! Welcome home.

Marvelous to hear your sane voice of reason on this matter. It appears to be a pyramid scheme based on names that the poor punters get fooled by. I’m really sorry that your good name has been tarnished by misuse.
All the Best

Welcome back. Thank you!

Welcome back Bob, I recently sold my business to another New Zealand company after 18 years of hard work and fun. During that time I travelled to many many countries pounding on doors and showing off our cool innovative made in NZ products to the world. Each time I came home I would say to my wife next to me in the descending Auckland bound plane – welcome back to kindergarten!

Delighted to hear on Mike Hosking’s programme this morning that you were home again! Now we might get a bit of common sense.

Imagine if you will , Sir Bob decides to stir up the political system in NZ by running in the 2023 election . And , given the parlous state of the incumbent leaders Labour and National , I’d say his ” Grown Ups Party ” would attract a fair share of the vote . I’m sharpening my pencil in anticipation .

There is a genius simplicity to much of your writing that makes me laugh out loud.

Welcome back, I’ve missed your acerbic comments.

As a child I was amused by the story of the Emporers new clothes, as an adult I am bemused by the number of naked Emporers I see around me.

At least one bit of good news this year. Bob is back. And he is about the only commentator in the country not answerable to PIJFunding rules.

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